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Machine biography

Numerous artists have used the name Machine, including: 1. Hakuei (vocals) and Kiyoshi's (guitar) duo. Started in 1999. Hakuei's also PENICILLIN's vocalist and has a solo career, Kiyoshi has been in bands like Media Youth and Spread Beaver, as well as on a solo career. Machine began making fast, hard rock with a large emphasis on layers of post-production electronic work. As time progressed, Machine began to focus on a more straight-rock sound, while still incorporating elements of their older material sporadically. 2. Best known for its 1979 cult classic "There But for the Grace of God Go I", co-written & produced by August Darnell better known as Kid Creole. Machine was a soul/disco/funk band that tackled social and political issues at a time when many of its colleagues were afraid to. Machine was formed in New York in 1977, when the disco-era was in full swing and most R&B, disco, and funk lyrics were escapist in nature. The members of Machine — who included lead singer Clare Bathé, lead singer/guitarist Jay Stovall, bassist Melvin Lee, keyboardist Kevin Nance, and drummer Lonnie Ferguson — were big fans of the R&B message songs of the early '70s, and they regretted the fact that after 1975, many R&B artists had gotten away from social and political commentary. Machine set out to change that when, in 1978, it signed with RCA and recorded the single "There but for the Grace of God Go I" — a brilliant piece of social commentary about Latino immigrants who move to the U.S. in search of a better life but quickly realize how dangerous the mean streets of the Bronx can be. Released in early 1979, the disco/soul masterpiece became a club hit and is considered a cult classic. Machine's self-titled debut album also came out in 1979, and in 1980, RCA released its sophomore effort, Moving On. Regrettably, Machine's second album was also its last. Moving On wasn't a big seller, and in 1981, Machine broke up. 3. Dutch prog rock band Machine was a follow up from The Swinging Soul Machine. With the single "Lonesome Tree" Machine had a hit. This band existed in 1970/1971. Paul Vink later in the 70's played in several succesful bands, amoung wich Livin' Blues, Finch and Limousine. 4. Machine a IDM / Experimental group (Chase Gorman & Jonathan Christ) with a blend of music created by two artists using analog hardware. One, controlling the drum machine and rythm synth/effects, while the other plays keyboard, xylophone, and samples. No computer editing-straight from equipment to cd besides arrangement. 5. Machine a Funk/Prog/Metal trio out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Brothers AJ Sapala and Elliot Sapala take the bass and drums respectively, with Kastor Podgorski on lead guitar. They have a gloomy, instrumental, jam-based sound. 6. Machine: a duo of Curtis and Connor, who incorporate synthesizer-like sounds into their slow-paced groove tracks for an interesting sound. 7. UK techno artists Luke Slater and Alan Sage used the name Machine for one of their many joint projects, releasing a 12" in 1993 on the Jelly Jam label. 8. A 4-piece progressive, hard rock band from Grants Pass, Oregon. All members have been active over the years in various bands in the Southern Oregon scene. Vocalist/guitarist Dan Curran and lead guitarist Mike Parker were members of Boy Elroy and The Stickmen, bassist Nick Carlson was a member of Sink The Missouri, and drummer Tim O'Toole was previously in M.C.L, The Rebeltones, and Dead Wall Street. They recently self-released their debut 4-song EP titled "One" in January 2014.

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