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Maduar biography: 1986 - 1993 * 1 Aug 1986 - the band is formed, original names - Hurikán, Atlantic, Adept * Aug 1986 - Sep 1987 - rehearsing first own songs in the flat of the Matyinkos, looking for a fourth member for the post of a guitar player (Roland Kelemen, Peter Strečka, Erik Aresta) * Sep 1987 - inviting Erik Aresta to the band, re-naming it to MADUAR - MAtyinkó, DUlovič, AResta * 22 Jan 1988 - first concert in Klub mladých in Rimavská Sobota * Feb 1988 - Sep 1990 - concerts, partaking in regional (Signál 89, Gemerská ruža 89) as well as efforts to enter national music contests (Rocklet Tamtami 88, Bystrické zvony 90) * Oct 1990 - April 1991 - temporal break in the activities of the band - Laco Dulovič entering the army for his military duty, Laco Matyinkó attending university in Bratislava, Erik Aresta attending university in Nitra, Juraj Matyinkó staying in Rimavská Sobota * April 1991 - renewal of the activities of the band by the three members following the return of Laco Dulovič from his military service and Laco Matyinko from college to Rimavská Sobota, Laco Matyinkó buys the first synthetizer in his life * May 1991 - June 1992 - performing on stage again and participating in competitions in the region * autumn 1991 - the most significant event to make an important impact on the further development of the band - buying a ATARI 1040 STFM computer * June 1992 - return of Erik to the band as an additional member * 20 Nov 1992 - participating in the first competition outside the region of Rimavská Sobota - Košický zlatý poklad, the band is playing on air in the radio for the first time (Slovenský rozhlas / Slovak Radio) as well as on the TV screen (Slovak Television) * 14 Dec 1992 - last live performance with own background music arrangement, start of the computer era of Maduar - focusing on production of commercial disco music with the aim of becoming the very first Slovak band to succeed on the scene with such genre * Dec 1992 - acceptance of Erik back to the band * 11 - 12 Jan and 10 - 11 Feb 1993 - in studio for the first time (Studio of the Slovak Radio Košice) thanks to Mrs Szabadošová, SR editor, two songs recorded - Dancefloor and Requiem pre Zuzanu / Requiem for Susanne * 25 May 1993 - first magazine interview - Mladé rozlety * Aug 1993 - inviting two new members to the band, singers Lyda Balcarová and Janka Dúžiková, because in the dance music of that time female vocals were necessary (Janka left the band following the wish of her parents) 1994 * 27 - 29 Jan 1994 - in studio for the second time (Slovenský rozhlas / Slovak Radio Banská Bystrica), four songs were made into studio versions (Ragga Dansa, I feel good, It’s a day and Peace, love, unity) * 6 Feb 1994 - first interview with Maduar - Radio Family, Zvolen * 9 Feb 1994 - working in studio for the third time (Slovak Radio Košice) - first contact made with Barbara Haščáková, who sang the vocals for three out pf the four recorded songs (Pár bielych ruží, I feel good and It’s a day) * 5 March 1994 - contest for Bystrické zvony - Barbara Haščáková won participation in the vocals category and the songs of Juraj and Erik in the author category, simultaneously Barbara Haščáková becomes member of Maduar * 7 March 1994 - first interview with DJ Rudo Tuček, host of a show in Radio Family, the very first worker of a radio, who saw a perspective future in Maduar and who also supported it to the biggest possible degree in the radio as well as at the discos he was playing * March - April 1994 - first interviews in radios broadcasting in all Slovakia - Rock FM and FUN Radio * 16 March 1994 - Rudo Tuček is the first person to enter the song I feel good in the chart, the song becomes the very first to try win the favour of the listeners * 6 April 1994 - Maduar beat the chart for the first time, after three weeks I feel good is at first place * 16 April 1994 - the first official release including a song by Maduar - Prolux Dance Club 3/94 compilation of Prolux release company * May 1994 - signing a one-year contract with Prolux * 27 - 28 May 1994 - Bystrické zvony 1994 (festival of pop songs) Banská Bystrica, 3rd placeand Award of the audience for Barbara and for the song of Erik in the interpretation of Ladislav Matyinko * June - Sep 1994 - Ladislav Matyinkó leaves for the USA within the Camp America program, first concerts of Maduar, mainly at the events of Rudo Tuček, more interviews for the media, also in the Czech Republic * 24 Aug 1994 - shooting the first two videoclips for the songs Do it and I feel good, without Laco Matyinko (and as it turned out later, in the I feel good video also without Juraj and Laco Dulovič) * Sep 1994 - release of the first single Do it in the Czech Rep. and in Slovakia, the Do it video beat the Eso chart at Nova (the most watched TV chart in the Czech Rep.) as the first Slovak videoclip in the history of Eso * 23 Sep 1994 - promotion of the single Do it at a disco of Rudo Tuček, who was also the one to take patronage over it while 1,000 people attended the event * 14 - 15 Oct 1994 - Rock FM Fest (author competition of singers and bands) Banská Bystrica, Maduar became winner of the festival in its 3rd year, won the Prize of the jury and the Prize of the audience * 9 - 11 Oct and 25 Oct - 4 Nov 1994 - recording their first album I feel good in a new private studio in Košice Savid * Nov 1994 - release of the album I feel good in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic * 17 Nov 1994 - promotion of the album I feel good in Prague (discoclub Borsalino), where Maduar was given a Golden Record for 2000 copies sold of the single Do it * 17 Dec 1994 - promotion of the album in Slovakia in Bratislava (disco Bocaccio), with the patrons Rudo Tuček and Evka Bacigalová (speaker in Fun Radio) * 25 Dec 1994 - 1 Jan 1995 - Maduar Tour playing at discos in the Czech Rep. and Moravia 1995 * 4 Feb 1995 - autographs given in Prague in Bonton Megastore together with Tereza Pergnerová (host of the ESO TV chart), approx. 5,000 people attending, 5 hours spent on authographs without a break, crowd hysteria, traffic detoured in the center of Prague * 24 Feb 1995 - Grand Prix ZAI 94 (Slovak Grammy) - Maduar winning the title of the Band of the Year 1994, Erik and Barbara officially declare their departure from the band * 4 March 1995 - last performance of Maduar with five members (Rock FM Radio birthday party) * 26 March 1995 - signing a two-year contract with BMG Ariola with the new singer Anna-Katarína Schatzl * 10 April 1995 - recording the single Mystic party in Savid studio in Košice * 6 May 1995 - the first and only guest from Slovakia at the prestigeous Mega Dance Festival in Prague, together with artists such as East 17, Snap, DJ Bobo, Technotronic, and Rednex * 29 May 1995 - the single Mystic party is released at the Slovak and Czech markets * 16 May 1995 - Festival Rock Pop - winner of the competition Most Popular Slovak Band * Aug 1995 - recording the single Space in the studio of Bonton (the former Opus) in Bratislava * Aug 1995 - recording the second album of Maduar named Space in the Savid Studio in Košice * Oct 1995 - Maduar performs on the Czech tour of DJ Bobo (19 Oct Karlovy Vary, 21 Oct Zlín) * 29 Oct 1995 - release of the pilot single to the second album called Space, shooting a video for the song Space in Prague * 30 Oct 1995 - release of the second album Space in the Czech Rep. and in Slovakia * 7 Nov 1995 - Slovak promotion of the album Space (Night Club Dimitrovec Bratislava), patrons Lenka Slaná and Ďuro Čurný (from the Slovak branch of BMG), awarding the Platinum record for 5,000 sold copies of the single Mystic party * 9 Nov 1995 - Czech promotion of the album Space (Music Park Prague), patron - Tereza Pergnerová * 30 Nov, 2 Dec, 3 dec 1995 - Bravo Super Show Tour (Katowice, Prague, Prešov), Maduar as the only band from the Czech Rep. and Slovakia is part of all the three shows together with the stars - DJ Bobo, Culture Beat, Rednex, Fun Factory, Mr. President * Dec 1995 - after hardly two months since first release on the market album Space became Golden, the videoclip Space won the title of the best music video of the year 1995 in Slovakia in the Triangel TV prgram 1996 * Jan 1996 - recording the single Small roulette in Savid studio * 27 Jan 1996 - premiere of the first show of the band - two-hour concert in Rimavská Sobota * Feb 1995 - release of the single Small roulette in Slovakia and the Czech Rep. * 16 - 19 Feb 1996 - shooting the videoclip to the song Small roulette, also at Savid * 21 Feb 1996 - common concert with the E-rotic band in Košice (shots from the show also used in the video Small roulette) * 11 - 14 May 1996 - shooting a videoclip to the song Love is on the way (Savid) * May - June 1996 - a tour of 15 concerts throughout Slovakia with a one-and-a-half hour show * 5 - 6 July 1996 - Dangerous Falls with Hollywood Classic Entertainment Slovakia, competition with the first prize of a parachute jump (airport in Prievidza), members of Maduar were invited as guests (Laco M, Juraj and Anička jumped with the winners) * 20 - 22 July 1996 - Dangerous Falls with Hollywood Classic Entertainment Czech Republic - same as in Slovakia, taking place in Karlovy Vary, but only Laco M and Juraj jumped (but more times - 4 jumps each), also the well-known Czech actors Pavel Nový, Jirka Langmajer and Jíří Schmitzer participated as guests * 1 Aug 1996 - celebration of the 10th anniversary of the band in Rimavská Sobota * 5 - 30 Aug 1996 - recording the single Hello and the third album called Ten in Savid, Anna-Katarína Schatzl quits and leaves the band, female vocals on the album sung for the first time by external singers - Katka Dvořáková, Beata Zamrijová, Soňa Hanzlová, Dada Vološinová and Dagmar Rostand (Dagmar sang only in the song Hello, but due to her purposeful breaking of rules and sabotaging the process of studio works the members decided to end co-operation and not to publish her name on the booklets of the single and the album) * 9 Sep 1996 - release of the single Hello * 6 Oct 1996 - shooting of the videoclip for the song Hello in Prague * 7 Oct 1996 - release of the album Ten on the Slovak market * 14 Oct 1996 - release of the album Ten on the Czech market * 18 Oct 1996 - promotion of the album Ten at Mega Fun Party in Bratislava, ten people became symbolical patrons of the album (Julo Viršík, Evka Bacigálová, Mirec, Šarkan, Rasťo Očenáš, Ľubo Černák, Silvia Fajdová, Tibor Egri, Vlado, Miro Čief), Maduar was awarded the Golden Record for the sales of the album Space * 3 - 6 Nov 1996 - recording the single Hafanana at Savid * 14 - 21 Nov 1996 - shooting of the videoclip to the song Hafanana in Prague * Dec 1996 - release of the single Hafanana on the Czech and Slovak markets 1997 * Jan - July 1997 - beating most of the TV and radio charts in the Czech Rep. and Slovakia with their single Hafanana, constant concerting * 17 - 18 May 1997 - the first radiotour in Hungary, presentation of Maduar in Hungarian radio stations * 21 July - 19 Aug 1997 - recording the fourth album of Maduar called La Chita at Savid (on own expense) * 25 Aug 1997 - signing a two-year contract with EMI Monitor * 7 Sep 1997 - release of the album La Chita in Slovakia and the Czech Rep., on the same day also the album Hafanana is released in both countries - Best of Maduar in BMG Ariola * 28 Sep - 2 Oct 1997 - shooting the videoclip La Chita in Prague * 18 Oct 1997 - guest at Bravo Super Show in Prague 1998 * Feb 1998 - invitation to the most prestigious program of the Hungarian Television - Top show, as the second foreign guest together with Chris Rea * 15 - 16 April 1998 - shooting the videoclip to Every man... in Košice (on own expense) * 16 - 21 May 1998 - shooting the videoclip Ramaya in Prague (on own expense) * 27 May 1998 - release of the album La Chita in Hungary * 8 July 1998 - Juraj finishes his studies at the University of Economy in Bratislava * May - Dec 1998 - concerts and promotion activities on the Hungarian market * 29 Oct 1998 - Ladislav finishes his studies at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica * Oct - Dec 1998 - preparations of the Maduar Tour ´99 project(a project of year-round cooperation with various partners) 1999 * Jan 1999 - (unsuccessful) meetings with prospective partners for Maduar Tour ´99 (about 40 appointments in the SR and the CzR) * Feb - April - arranging the archive of materials (photos, negatives, articles, videocassettes, own CD archive) relating to the activities of the band * 15 April 1999 - Maduar wins the title of Best Foreign Artist in the Hungarian Black Box Gála ´99 competition * June 1999 - Laco Dulovič leaves the band after nearly 13 years * July - Sep 1999 - preparations of the Walk this way project * Oct 1999 - March 2000 - realization of the preliminary phase of the Walk this way project 2000 * April - May 2000 - negotiations with Slovak and Czech release companies about the launch of the fifth album * 22 - 29 May 2000 - recording the single The last morning (on own expense) * 21 June 2000 - concluding cooperation with the Monitor EMI release company * 14 Aug 2000 - single The last morning released in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary * 13 Sep 2000 - signing a one-year contract with Millenium Records * 15 Sep - 13 Oct 2000 - recording of the fifth album called Walk this way (Savid) * 13 - 17 Oct 2000 - finishing the recording of the album in the JMP studio in Košice * 25 Oct 2000 - release of the single Walk this way in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary * 9 Dec 2000 - performing on the Hungarian television in the Lotto Show (together with Karthago, the song Walk this way) * 22 Dec 2000 - release of the album Walk this way in Slovakia and the Czech Republic 2001 * 17 - 18 Feb 2001 - recording the single Start it up again at the JMP studio in Košice * 21 March 2001 - shooting the videoclip for Start it up again in Prague * 22 Feb 2001 - promotion of the album Walk this way in Raiders Café in Bratislava, patron - actress Anka Šišková 2006 * 26th of June 2006 - signing the contract for releasing the single Hafanana 2006 via M&M Brothers company with ToCo Europe/ToCo International for 94 territories all over the world.

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