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May Kassab was born in 8th December 1981. Born in Tanta, a city which is the capital of gharbeyya province. May was born in a somewhat artistic family. Her father was a lawyer and at the same time was an author also he was an active member in author's union in Cairo. Her father and he loved music and he discovered May's talent. Her mother was a teacher and also a music lover. Her elder sister was the same also, and even used to sing in school and was a good singer. Her elder brother was also a music fan but he was a fan of Western music bands and was the lead singer in small band in Tanta. May used to sing in her school and when she played with her friends when she was young, she was the leader of her friends. She also used to sing between her friends and they made such a beautiful group. May is also a talented actress, she made a play with her friends many times when she was young. May got her first chance when her father agreed to let her appear on the T.V in her city. Her father believed in her talent as much as he loved her. So, May started to appear on Channel 6. Her part wasn't as a singer but she was a good chorus member and a little actress. When the time had come for May to join a college she decided secretly only with her father and brother to join the musical college in Zamalek. They helped her in secret because her mother was so afraid about her and she was afraid that she gets lost in Cairo. But May's parents had raised her with strong principles that made her aware and careful about how to live the new life in Cairo. From the first day she entered the college, she made a good impression on her teachers and her college partners. In her first singing test, they made her sing twice because they liked her warm voice. May started to dig her way dreaming to be a music star and as every starting singer she worked in places like Marriot Hotel and Cairo Sheraton trying to train her voice more and more. She lived alone in Cairo for a few months until her father snt her brother to look out for her. May spent one year in Cairo learning music basics in college. A college partner called Usama, who used to play keyboards with Magd El Qasem, offered May a duet with Magd. She went to meet Magd to test her voice for the song; she was sick when she went that day but Magd realized that she has a very beautiful voice and asked her to come again the next day. May went the next day and she sang like never before and Magd realized that she will be a very effective element in his song "Ghammad Eineik". She sang the duet with Magd and it met with great success. May started to appear on the pan-Arab TV thanks to "Ghammad Eineik". May disappeared for some time from public life as her producer attempted to keep her signed with his label, but only recorded two songs for her. May was so afraid that people would forget her after 3 years of absence from the music scene. and she started for real to find another producer. She then joined a college partner, Ibrahim, in a duet for Palestine called "Fedaki Ya Qods" which was performed in Cairo International Festival for Song in 2000. Later, May sang another duet with Warda Adaweyya for Palestine and made a video clip for it too. It called "Min Ardena" They even won a prize for best video clip in Sharm El Sheikh in 2003. In this while, the poet Sameh El Agamy offered May a chance to sing in the soundtrack of "Ezay El Banat Tehebbak". May agreed to sing the song because she felt that this song was made for her voice and will be effective in her future. The song, "Khod Kol Shi'" was a reasonable success for May. While May was busy working and singing in hotels and thinking about her future. Suddenly, as she was singing in a place, one of the people who was listening to her offered his help to make her first album. He was a music enthusiast and was saddened when he found such a good talent without support. He offered his support, thinking to make a record label if May succeeded in her album. May made her first album with the help of a man who preferred to not be revealed until the suitable time comes. May spent a full year making her album and performing the song in studio until she was nearly finished it. As May was finishing her album, she got an offer to join in an album that was to be released in the Arabian Gulf countries. May decided to sing in the Khaliji/Gulf by making a song in this album calls "Ahakaza Al Hob" also she sang another called "Wainak". May added a folk song called "Ah Yana Yana" to this album also. Only one step left to May's album, the video clip. May was afraid to make something which would not make a lasting effect on viewers especially that May was going to release her album at the height of the sex-obsessed video clip craze. So May decided to make something different and new without selling her body. Director Yasser Sami helped her make a video clip that was out of the box. She found made a video clip for the last chosen song of this album, "Shil Dah Men Dah", which was written by Ayman Bahgat Amar and composed by Mohammed Yehia. "Shil Dah Men Dah" was a mixed tragedy with comedy in the lyrics of the song song. The video clip was a great success. May appeared as an abusive wife who beat her husband for looking at other women. At the end of the clip her husband tries to be a good man and she gets pregnant and life seems to go on. But suddenly she discovers again that he's still the same and beats him up again. After a while May decided to shoot another video clip but with a return to her romantic style, but with a real tragedy this time. Her new director, Kamba, offered her to mix 2 songs from her album into one in this video clip. The idea was about the songs "Haga Teksef" and "Nessitak". "Haga Teksef" was the title song of the album and "Nessitak" is only one minute long. The video clip is about a woman whose ashamed of telling people about her lover, and in the end she decides to forget her love and go on in her life as nothing happened. The video clip's setting was also Kamba's idea and it was shot in the desert. May released her second album, "Ahla Men El Kalam", in 2007 under the Saudi Rotana label. May adopted the comedic style of "Shil Dah Men Dah" again in her first video clip for the album, "Law Ehna Fina Men Keda". The model who acted as her jealous new husband is Mr. Egypt 2007, and he made a dynamic acting partner for her. May's album has mostly Egyptian songs and a song in the Khaliji/Gulf dialect called "El Somouha". Though May has only released one video clip, her songs "Ya Waga' Albi", "Ahla Men El Kalam", and "Ma Tgibsh Sirti" are also hits and were played on radio stations and on Rotana TV channels.

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