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Mangrove biography

There are more than one artist with the name Mangrove: 1) Mangrove is a progressive rockband from The Netherlands. Roland van der Horst (guitars, vocals) and Joost Hagemeijer (drums, vocals) start in 1995 with the project ‘Brainstorm’ and release ‘Cold World’ in 1998. To be able to do live-performances, a band is formed and the result ‘Massive Hollowness’ is the first Mangrove release in 2001. After a line-up change Pieter Drost (bass) and Chris Jonker (keyboards) complete the current line-up. New songs are written which results in the successful release ‘Touch Wood’ in 2004. The international press is very positive about the 2005 conceptalbum ‘Facing The Sunset’. An album with exclusively long tracks including the magnificent epic ‘Hidden Dreams’. The album even wins an award. Mangrove may be reckoned to the top in the progressive rock genre in The Netherlands and has gained an excellent live-reputation. On one hand because of a well-considered sound, on the other hand because of the music that comes to life through the variety in tempo and dynamics, with modest passages, but also with heavy symphonic eruptions. The listener is carried away on a musical journey. Mangrove makes music that lives! The 2006 double live album ‘Coming Back To Live’ is the ‘living proof’ of that in 2 cd’s which offer a beautiful cross-section of the first three albums. 2) Stoner band from Sweden. It was a rainy day in the fall of 2006 when Mangrove made their first musical expressions. A foundation of the 70's heavy psychedelic rock jams and a heart of soul led the three members to make a pact. This music is too good not to be shown to the world. In the end of 2007 the band had enough songs and ideas to make a record, so a demo was recorded at Gig studio in Stockholm, February 2008. The songs where made by the pieces of their yesterdays and as Mangrove gazing at the skies and searching for tomorrow in the Universal time, Transubstans Records found them. Deep from the Scandinavian swamps, Mangrove rose and put the music that had flown through their souls on a record. Also these recordings where made at Gig studio. Barely could the compact disc carry the heaviness of the sound. As a live act, Mangrove was known for delivering energy, groove, jams, strong melodies and spreading love and happiness. Mangrove is Jani Kataja: Bass and Vocals, Fredrik Broqvist: Drums, Magnus Jernström: Guitars

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