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There are several artists named Mani 1)Baltimore-based Mani is a much-acclaimed hip-hop artiste with several releases under his belt. Early Life: Mani is no stranger to the dark side of life, which often comes to the fore in the music he makes. Mani went through a tumultuous fatherless childhood in the ghettos of Baltimore, Maryland. Though he was born in Tampa Bay, Florida he was on the move as his single mother was struggling to find ways to feed their bellies. While Mani and his family moved from Florida to Georgia to Pennsylvania, his father was far away busying himself serving jail time. Still trying to figure out the vagrancies of a difficult childhood, Mani was compelled to move straight from childhood to manhood while still in his teens. He was tenacious enough to complete high school in a very challenging West Baltimore neighborhood. You will get a feel of his disturbed beginnings in his mellifluous tracks. His extraordinary upbringing paved the way for his offbeat songwriting. Like many other young hopefuls, Mani set his sights on NY with the dream of making it big in the Hip Hop business. Once in NY he found work in Bassy Bob's studio where he saw big possibilities of his fortunes change for the better. It did. And incidentally it was the same studio that catapulted Notorious Big into fame as well. While still learning the ropes at this studio, Mani caught the attention of the CEO of MVBEMG. Mani impressed them to the point that he was offered a contract for a record aptly titled “Vote4Mani”. The first track of this album "Swag Super Star" was an instant success, and especially popular with the online distributors. The Time Warner Cable owned Channel 56 were also using it as intro music for their MVBTv show. Having tasted first blood, Mani realized how mp3 technology and the internet can help market his music and consolidate his passion for hip-hop to a full-time business. In his pursuit for building a business empire Mani could have produced run-of-the-mill tracks with funky beats. But he knew this was not his true calling. His inner voice beckoned him to try something new, and away from the beaten track. It was these cries from within that lead Mani back to the road where he came from. He first went to Georgia to work with the music making trends coming up there. Finally he set his eyes on Baltimore where it all began for him and the city he still feels at home. Musical Style: While Mani is clever not to be stashed with any particular category or group his writing style does remind you of the old school Hip-Hop. His brand of music is of similar caliber of today’s club hipsters. So in Mani’s albums you are assured to get the best of all worlds. His focus is on providing content to make you think. So to achieve the intended goal if you find traces of different genre of music in his songs then so be it. Mani believes more in connecting with his audience through the heart then in conceptualizing what they want out of him. All he asks of his listeners is to carry with them the message of his songs. Voice And Performance: Mani likes to bring out his real self while performing on stage. He knows several ways to woe his fans. His gesticulations are loud and his body language is garish. If you do not see the wild streak in him then you are at the wrong venue. Speaking of which Mani’s shows almost always sell out throughout the coast! But Maria Davis Mad Wednesday’s is where he loved performing the most. The reason being this is also where Jay Z performed his much talked about 22 twos. He likes local shows too. The Baltimore Black and wax and Peju’s Kitchen are some other of his favorite places to stage his acts. Influences: Surprisingly though Mani does not believe Hip-Hop is what influenced him to sing. When he was kid, soul and funk were what sounded pleasing to his years. He would listen to albums of Jimi Hendrix, Sly Family Stone and Curtis Mayield if he felt lonely. But as he gained in age and become more aware of the harsh realities around him, Hip-hop began to grow on him. Tracks of Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem and Jadakiss were what he found himself listening and liking a lot of. The success of Kanye West was the catalyst in his ambition of becoming a Hip-Hop artist. Personal Life: So what is Mani up to these days? Well he is now the proud CEO and Owner of Stellar Entertainment Music Group (SEMG) and continues to make music and waves. And he is doing it from his hometown Baltimore, the way he always wanted to, with flair. SEMG has been successfully producing music for urban audiences since 2009. Notable Releases: It would now be apt to turn our attention to Mani’s several hit tracks. Is there a singular reason why they became so popular? We already spoke about “Swag Super Star”. Those of us, who have been following Mani’s career closely, think his cogent lyrics backed with the club-style music are what are working the magic. Case in point is the “She My Type” track, which reverberates his profound knowledge of bass. While the composition may be unorthodox, the message itself is simple and pristine. Mani has identified his love and wants to engage her in small talk in the hope that she reciprocates. The successes of the Mani’s other tracks “So Sympathetic” and “Mass Transit” can be attributed to their lyrics that are decipherable and peppered with significantly less use of bass than by Hip-Hop artists of a previous generation. Clearly Mani has evolved his own style of Hip-Hop that is radically refreshing and so has been welcomed with open arms. Recent Publications: “Self Made” magazine speaks highly of Mani’s limited edition "Out For The Night" album. They describe his lyrics as thought- provoking. The songs carry a distinct message about how Mani likes his women and looks for different ways of expressing his obsession. The songs were not random use of words that you have seen in past Hip-Hop performers. While the mag does give Mani 8 stars out of 10, they also have commented he is capable of delivering much more than what he has demonstrated so far. Stellar Entertainment Music Group: SEMG is a living example of the power Indie music and mp3 technology has over the music world. Gone are the days when recording companies ruled the roost. Under Mani’s stewardship, SEMG has now carved a niche in the urban club scene and has yet steered clear of any branding of kind. SEMG continues to make music that appeals to all ages and cultures. Having made it to tinsel town without the help of any active promotion from any record label company, Mani knows the ins and outs of Indie music and is only too willing to share his experiences with other budding hip-hop, Indie and soul artistes. In the SEMG website, there are a number of tools and resources accessible for anyone who wants a foothold into the urban club scene. There are also mind blowing sound bytes being streamed there including Mani’s latest talked about hits. If you are a SEMG fan looking for memorabilia then you will not be disappointed as there is a lot of top brand clothing apparel to choose from. The website also streams Mani’s latest album #OutForTheNight in CD and mp3 versions available for purchase. You can also catch up on Mani’s conversations with the media on their magazine section. SEMG also offers instrumental music to be used by artists when and if they want to make new tracks. The conditions of use are reasonable. There are guest articles and music from other guest artists that Mani likes as well. Featured prominently is Raybop whose “Diamonds are Fornever” video is highly recommended. Future Projects: There are several exciting projects in store for Mani and SEMG. Always innovating, Mani is now contemplating team-ups with others who’ve made a name for themselves in the Hip-Hop world. One of them being Kali! Mani and Kali's latest single is appropriately titled “Bizness” and is receiving rave mentions already on twitter and spotify. Mani’s work has obviously influenced Kali. Kali and Mani maybe siblings but when it comes to making music they are like chalk and cheese. They complement each other and yet seem to read each other’s minds. Currently both are busy putting finishing touches to their much-awaited albums at Deep Flow Studios. Other albums on the cards for Mani and SEMG are the highly anticipated upcoming albums #Septic4MySkeptics and Kali B's release the NoParkingEP. Also be on the lookout for the soon to be regular released SEMG samplers, the latest being, “THE WORK SAMPLER”, which will undoubtly continue to extend Mani’s and Stellar Entertainment Music Group’s innovative brand. 2)Danish synth wave band who recorded two albums , -“Kontiki” (Genlyd 1983) and “Mani” (Fox Records 1986). They had their debut in 1982 with the single “Tal til mig”/”Skaermning” (Sonet 1982). In 1985 they also released the 12 inch single “Charlie på Kysten” (Fox Records). The band were inspired by the english scene at that time, and combined with influences from the american scene, as Talking Heads, they developed into their own scandinavian style, which at that time mostly were ignored by record buyers and critics. In 1986 Mani had a minor breakthrough on danish radio with the song “To” from the second album. The band fell apart in 1989. Members: Jens Michael Kjær Madsen (lead vocal, guitar), Jens Bech Hansen (vocal, guitar), Christian Libak (keyboard), Henrik Laurvig (drums), Erik Olesen (bass), Kurt Milthers (keyboard), Henrik Hytteballe (keyboard) 3) Greek MC, ex member of the hip hop group Bong Da City. Also known as Μανιακός and Μάνι

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