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Mani Matter (born Hans-Peter Matter, August 4, 1936 in Herzogenbuchsee – November 24, 1972) was a popular Swiss Liedermacher. He grew up in Bern, and performed his own chansons in contemporary Bernese German at local venues and on the radio; he accompanied himself on the guitar. Mani Matter also performed together with the Berner Troubadours (Bernese troubadours). He was killed in a car accident on his way to a concert and is buried in the Bremgartenfriedhof in Bern. His Bernese German songs remain very popular in the German speaking part of Switzerland, and Matter is a great influence on the dialect music scene in Bern, and his songs are frequently covered. A collection of cover-versions was published in 1992 on the album Matter Rock. Mani Matter's chansons are often taught at school and are famous for their soft irony. Discography * 1966 I han en Uhr erfunde (EP) * 1967 Alls wo mir id Finger chunnt (EP) * 1970 Hemmige (EP) * 1972 Betrachtige über nes Sändwitsch (EP) * 1973 Ir Ysebahn (LP) * 1973 I han es Zündhölzli azündt (double-LP)

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