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There are many artists with the name Mania: 1. A new-wave/synth pop band from Spain 2. Cascadian one-man Black Metal/Dark Ambient band. 3. A short-lived British girl group, affiliated with production house Xenomania. 4. A british UK82 band. 5. A punk band from Long Beach, CA 6. A German Power Metal Band. 7. A Noise/Power Electronics project of Keith Brewer. 8. Electronic ADHDcore project from SLC Biographies: 1. New-wave/synth pop band from Spain 2. Cascadian one-man Black Metal/Dark Ambient band, consisting of Nate Myers from Leech, among other bands. 3. Comprising of long-time Xenomania collaborators Niara Scarlett and Giselle Somerville, Mania were a short-lived British girl group, who released their only single in August 2004. Their debut single, "Looking For A Place" charted at number 29 in August 2004, prompting the cancellation of their album "Do You Know Your Daughter's On The Roof". Several of the songs from "Do You Know Your Daughter's On The Roof" have subsequently been made available via music blogs, including their aborted second single "Money In My Pocket" - which was later recorded by girl group Frank for their TV show "Totally Frank" and their album "Devil's Got Your Gold". Frank's debut single "I'm Not Shy" was also originally written and recorded by Mania. 4. Mania was a british UK82 band who sung songs about unity and anti-authoritarian ideals. They released 2 demos in 1981 and figured on the infamous second volume of "A Contry fit for heroes" comps, and the controversially-named UK82 compilation "Punk dead - nah mate the smell is jus summink in yer underpants, innit" I first heard them on PUNK IS DEAD 12" on Pax records with 2 songs - "Stick Together" and "Power To The People". Then I heard them on 'A COUNTRY FIT FOR HEROES Vol 2' with a trac called "Blood Money"........... They Started in October 1981 since they've been plugging away trying to get some good gigs with names like U.K. Subs, The Upstarts (who have promised them a tour), also Toy Dolls, Old Riot Squad. They have been told we have the power and songs to make it with and they've gone down really well in Chesterfield and Stoke. They think it a case of been at the right time, that some groups have been signed up by labels.................. --- Since they've formed they had four demos made. Their first was done by some c*** who will remain nameless. It was him who made the tape sound so bad. The track on 'A COUNTRY FIT FOR HEROES Vol 2' - "Blood Money" was from their theird demo. They think they can do better songs than that. Their last demo which is called 'Night of The long knives' never backdown, never gave in on us. They sent em off in hope of some record labels interested. They sent 'No Future' a live tape roughly recorded at Sheffield Marples with The Enemy's P.A. It's all vocals but its not all that bad. They just have to hope someone gives them a break through. They want to so they can get their views across the country to punks and skins. Meaning in something were totally comitted to only the best words do for us we dont just throw things together like alot of todays groups. Behind the Upstarts they reckon their words are probably the best in punk today. We are not trying to be big heads but thats just what we feel. We dont write about anarchy, peace s*** which has all been done before. Okay some of our songs are dated as far topics as been unemployed and the state of the country. We know its been written about before and still is been written about today. But the subject about life on the dole does make us mad. This is one reason why punk aint so strong today cos you cant afford albums at Ј4 or more and singles at Ј1-35p when you only get Ј33 a fortnight on the dole. Its a near music business today and people cant buy the records if theyve got no money CAN THEY? We would love to do a tour of small towns in the U.K. They started off with the name Subculture but they were forced to change it cos there was a group already called that. They we changed it to Fallen Heroes which when you think about it, its a poxy heavy metal name. So I just had the idea of the name MANIA. But I just hope no one tries to rip it from us. We just hope that one day all punks, skinheads and herberts unite together. (From some fanzine. Thanks Scott!) 5. A punk band from Long Beach, CA. Released a demo in 2011 called "Radiation Acid Clash". 6. German Power Metal Band from Hamburg released : I)Message/Deliverance (Single) 1987 II)Wizard of the Lost Kingdom (EP) 1988 III)Changing Times (LP) 1989 7. Noise/Power Electronics project of Keith Brewer (Taint). 8. Electronic ADHDcore project from SLC

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