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Geraardsbergen (Belgium) - Founding member and composer Olivier Wittenberg (drums) started Manic Movement in 1993 and worked with various musicians on the different albums. Filip De Graeve (keyboards) has become a permanent member since 1998 and assists Olivier in the arrangements and orchestration. Other current members are Frédéric Ost (lead guitar), Jérémie Vasile (rhythm guitar) and Filip Pieters (bass guitar). Vocals representation by Virginia Fantoni. Manic Movement was originally formed as a trash metal band. Over the years, the band evolved from melodic death metal with male grunt vocals to female vocals in 2006, creating more accessible songs and expanding its musical spectrum. The upcoming album of Manic Movement ‘Dark Glitter’ is a contrast of dark and heavy guitar-oriented music with bombastic keyboards, enlightened by shimmering and original female vocals. Relates to : Evanescence, Within Temptation, Epica, After Forever, ... Albums: - Discipline (EP - 1997) -- Asterion Records, produced by Andre Gielen - Thousand Sufferings (1999) -- Suburban, produced by Xavier Carion, mastered by Attie Bauw - Future Dreaming Self (2001) -- Megalomanious, produced by Xavier Carion, mastered by Attie Bauw - Dark Glitter (2009) -- Shiver Records, produced by Manic Movement, mixed & mastered by Attie Bauw Cover Songs: Amsterdam by Jacques Brel Our Darkness by Anne Clark Russians by Sting Videoclips (self produced): - A Thousand Sufferings (2000) - Slide (2002) - Sleeping Beauty (2007) Worth mentioning gigs: 2 European tours with bands such as Psychotic Waltz, Moonspell, Kreator, Witchery, some festivals in Belgium ( Graspop, Eurorock, ... ) Current band members: - Olivier Wittenberg (drums & composer) - Filip De Graeve (keys & arrangements) - Virginia Fantoni (vocals) - Jérémie Vasile (rhythm guitar) - Frédéric Ost (lead guitar) - Vincent De Laat (bass guitar) Ex band participants: - Nina Van Hecke (vocals on album "Dark Glitter") - Yves Vermeire (bass on "Dark Glitter") / Filip Pieters (live musician) - Dimitri Crahay (rhythm & lead guitar) - Tom Leemans (rhythm guitar) - Maarten Verbeke (vocalist of "Thousand Sufferings" and "Future Dreaming Self") ( ex - Welkin ) - Gerry Verstreken (bass on "Future Dreaming Self") ( Imperia ) - Sven De Corte (bass on "Thousand Sufferings) - Philippe Pieters (lead guitar on "Future Dreaming Self") - Steven Van de Wiele (lead guitar on "Thousand Sufferings") - Ken Straetman (rhythm guitar on "Thousand Sufferings") - Kurt Keleman (keys on demo in 1998) - Marc De Veirman (bass on "Discipline") - Alain Van Der Stockt (vocals on "Discipline") ... Stay tuned for their next release, and keep an eye on their myspace !

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