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Manicure biography

Manicure is a Russian, Moscow based post-punk band. It started as a three-piece by Zhenia Novikov and two sisters, Polina and Ania Butuzova who played guitars and drums at their saturday practices after that huge Moscow disco fridays in the summer of 2007. Having gained positive critical and public acclaim, the band (who used to call themselves "[Those] Who Bed Models") decided to put their songs on the record and handled the production duties to Volodia Komarov (Punk TV, Hot Zex), who already established himself as a successful sound-wizard. As a result their debut EP "Another Girl" (feat. such songs as Another Girl, I Don't, About Something and The One) saw its release in January, 2008. After the time bassist Zhora Kushnarenko had joined the band, they started to play at Moscow venues under the name MANICURE, including a gig with Neils Children and EIOH, sharing the stage with Late Of The Pier and Glass Candy, and receiving even bigger praise of Moscow audience. Their debut album "About the something", also produced by Komarov, had been finished in August of 2008. Although "Another girl" became a hit and was chosen for Miller beer TV ad company, there are no other "Girls" on the CD. On the contrary Manicure try to look more serious with the gloomy sounds, dirty synths, gorgeous harmonies and rowdy rock-n-roll riffs.

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