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Manicured Noise were a Manchester based act from the late seventies/early eighties. Vocalist Steven Walsh was an original member of the group Flowers of Romance along with Sid Vicious amongst others, later working as a writer with NME and Zig Zag. The band were a combination of the experimental and the funky-with many influences ranging from Lalo Schifrin to Funk, soul and Dub. A compilation of all the studio material that they recorded is due out on Caroline True Records in October 2006.Intriguing stuff-watch this space... p.s. as an interesting by-note: Drummer Stephanie Nuttal travelled to Argentina in the early 80ies and was part of 'SUMO', Argentina's now mythical underground rock band. The song 'Percussion Baby' was dedicated to her by Luca Prodan, the Jim Morrison of South America. Channel 1 in Argentina have produced the story of Luca's life as a documentary, due to be premiered in December 2007. The documentary features interviews with Stephanie Nuttall and other members of Manicured Noise.

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