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There are at least 13 artists using the name "Manifest": (1) Norwegian technical-thrash/death metal band. (2) heavy/power metal band from the USA. (3) Russian rap artist. (4) Korean-American rap artist from Virginia. (5) Manifest is also the alias of a Dutch drum 'n bass dj. (6) Hardcore punk band from Romania (7) Death Metal band form Switzerland (8) Death Metal band from The Netherlands (9) Hip-Hop band from Slovakia (10) All-Male Chorale group from the USA (11) Polish rap artist and producer (12) Polish stolec-rock group originated in 2005 (13) Malaysian hard rock/metal band active in the nineties. (1) MANIFEST, hailing From Trondheim in Norway is an experienced liveband with almost one hundred gigs behind them, having toured with ENTOMBED and played festivals like WACKEN OPEN AIR, INFERNO, HOLE IN THE SKY, MOSHFEST and EAT THE RICH. With their 2nd album "HEDONISM" they combine the best from modern thrash with a crushing groove and progressive elements, proving they know the recipe for monster riffing! After their massive display of aggression at Wacken, the correspondent from the German METAL HAMMER described Manifest as "...a deadly cocktail of death and thrashmetal, melody and anger...", something that just as easily can describe the essence of the new album "Hedonism"! The CD was released in Norway on Dec 3rd via Morningstar Records/ TUBA distribution. Streetdate February 11th across Europe via Plastic Head distribution! It`s 2009 and MANIFEST are stronger than ever, currently in the last stages of writing what will become the bands third album. The band recently announced the addition of bassist Johnny Wangberg (GRIFFIN, WATTAMEZZ) to the group's ranks and they are on the lookout for a new label to release their future recordings. Current line-up: Stian Leknes - Vocals Ole Marius Larmerud - Guitars Alessandro Elide - Drums Johnny Wangberg - Bass (2) A heavy/power metal band from the USA. They re-released their originally 1995 record called "Yes or No" now in 2008 under the name "Find A New Place". Their line-up for the album as follows: Bobby Hicks - Vocals (Mystic Force, Cryptameria) Chris Meinecke - Guitar John Stankiwisz - Bass Robert Koehler - Drums (3) - (4) - (5) - (6)- (7)- Manifest released 1 independent album entitled "Evil Side of Mind" in 1993, playing the old school death metal style reminiscent of bands such as Master. Lineup: Robbie Gorgioski - Vocals S. A. Criseo - Drums, Percussion Patrick Mortom - Guitar Stefi Haller - Bass (Exit (Che)) Seve von Aarburg - Bass (8) members: Arjan Heijden Bass (1991-1998) Pascal Rappailles Drums (1991-1998) Eric Hazebroek Guitars (1991-1998) Marvin Vriesde Vocals, Guitars (1991-1998) (9) members: Astral (rap) Cetys (rap/music) Albums: Zleteli Orli (2011) Demo

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