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Manipulator biography

There are three bands called Manipulator. One is a hardcore band out of York, PA formed in 2007. They are currently working on their full length due out early 2008. Second is a death metal band from France formed in 2007, with two demo's out and a 2010 release on Soulseller Records. Third is a Hardcore DJ from Holland. He isn't that known yet but expect some great thing to come from this Harcore maniac. He's currently (writing april 2006) working on a new album and features collaberations with some unknown (but good) artists like Red Snow, Lady Intollerance and Thajan. Manipulator says: "It's going to be an album full of the harder styles like Harcore, Hardstyle, Darkcore, Terror and even some Metal. I'm very excited about this project, I think it will be my best so far" The album is expected to be out in June 2006. Manipulator has also released a Trance-album under the name Ultrax called "Ultrax is the City".

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