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Hi-fi attitude compresse in lo-fi seconds twined with noisy synthetic pop winks…“Lazer punk” they call it. What Rodo (bass), Valentín Torres (keyboards and effects) and Jung Sing (drums and vocals) have been doing since the beginning of 2005, in the warm border city of Mexicali, Mexico, is something far beyond “simple” punk. This young musician’s power combo, with a sinister humor and electronic hints, roughly deconstruct rock music that, until today, has grown a great legion of fans all over the country. These three mannequins breakthrough the conventional apparel, making you go wild and dance with music you’re not even supposed to dance to. Maniqui Lazer blends the heritage of Iggy Pop’s attitude on stage and the impudence of The Liars live. Maniqui Lazer may fill the gap between the sound of The Blood Brothers, Les Georges Leningrad and XBXRX. Their debut album was produced by Mexicali’s techno favorite Ruben Tamayo a.k.a Fax (Traum, Static Discos, Rocket Racer). That might explain why in such a short time, they’ve shared stage with bands like: Xiu Xiu, Viking Moses!, Erase Errata, The Black Lips, The Spits, XBXRX (together they toured border cities in early ‘06), Montag, The Locust (toured mexico in june ’07), Sleeping People, Crystal Castles, James Holden, The Rapture, Numbers, My Disco, Chelsea Wolfe, Batwings, Anavan as well as known mexican artists like Fax, Zoe, Plastilina Mosh, Silverio, Childs, Austin TV, Insite, E.lebleu, She’s a Tease, Quiero Club, Panoptica, Niño Astronauta, Titán, Fancy Free among others. Jung (drummer) went to play with the now defunct band All Leather, Rodo (bass) and Valentin (keyboards) started playing with a band called Letters From Readers (still active), Valentin also started it to play as Vampire Slayer and started a net label called Indian Gold

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