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*There are at least five groups by the name of Mankind 1. Mankind is a callboration between Hip Hop producer Dave V (based in Brisbane, Australia) and Thorts (based in Geelong, Australia at the time.) They collaborated almost exclusivly only on the recordings and Mankind live shows included DJ Bogues and Esvee, as Dave V was on the other side of the country. 2. A ministry driven hardcore band from Nashville, TN with a crust punk influence. 3. Mankind are a instrumental, post-metal, post-rock band from Eugene, Oregon. Their self titled 3 song ep is available for free download at; 4. Pseudonym for Don Gallacher who released a disco version of Ron Grainger's Dr. Who theme on cobalt blue vinyl when Tom Baker the Fourth Doctor was at his peak. A vocodered vocal describes the character of the Doctor amid nice delays, bouncy bass and chirpy synths. 5. Mankind is the Canadian duo Alexis O’Hara and D.Kimm. They explore multiple genres from spoken word, electro acoustics, noise rock and the realms of gender politics, disruptions of expectations and absurdist humour. 6. Mankind merupakan band grindcore yang berasal dari kota Surabaya, Jawa Timur. Band ini terbentuk pada pertengahan tahun 2010. Musik mereka banyak terinspirasi oleh band grindcore seperti Margudergrind, Wormrot, Phobia dengan sentuhan sedikit crusty. Mankind - In War (EP) --> 7. With a confused stage language and a penchant for poetry and performance, poppy guitars, jazz drums and fuzz bass argue with each other in an effort to represent mankind. For the last couple of years now, Swedish garage act Mankind has been all over the Scandinavian underground clubs and warehouse parties. Somehow they slip through the fingers of the average media, comfortably turning towards night freaks and music geeks instead. They've played the Peace & Love festival, Sweden‘s biggest festival, recently toured Sweden with German Bonaparte and opened for Palma Violets (UK) playing Stockholm. Their album is recorded and on its way, produced by Gordon Raphael (Regina Spektor, Strokes) who is giving the band his blessing. The debut single is called Blood, Sugar.

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