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Hailing from the outer reaches of the galaxy of Los Angeles, the electro-punk outfit Mankind is Obsolete has stormed the great US and Canada, wielding weapons of sonic mass destruction. With the mighty Jon Motherfuckin’ Siren at the helm of the war drums, Gordonius Bashimus wielding the bass axe, Scotticus Landicus as guitar hero, and Natasha Cox as the harpy banshee from hell, these long-time friends have carried their many misadventures through deserts, bowling alleys, and corn fields. Their battles have been hard-won with foes such as the Feedback Gremlin, the flesh-eating Apathy virus, and the rampant free-downloading Masked Marauderer. Victorious as always, though, Mankind is Obsolete has pummeled through four albums and ten years worth of shows. What will their next great adventure be? Stay tuned….

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