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Mannequin biography

There are at least ten acts with this name: 1) Mannequin was a band from Sterling, VA comprised of members of the punk band Pg.99 and others. Known for their rather chaotic live shows and "yr screaming youth" based lyrical content, they had a strong following among the Mid-Atlantic punk scene. Rumored to have broken up because the drummer moved to L.A. to model. 2) MANNEQUIN is a Japanese Visual Kei band that formed 2007 and went on activity pause in 2009. They released one mini album titled "Seeds of Empty Flowers", as well as a full length album titled "Empty Flowers". 3) Mannequin, a German band (Bremen), founded in April of 2005 by Lucas Arndt (Drums), Jan Russell (Guitar), Philip Wollborn (Bass) and Kai Rohweder (Guitar and Vocals). After about two months of practicing the atmosphere in the band wasn't that good anymore and Lucas, Jan and Phil decided to kick Kai out of the band. At least they had one live-performance before Kai had to go. Right now the band has become very creative and they have many of ideas for new songs, however they still have no one who wants or is able to sing. But they won't give in making music. 4) MANNEQUIN, a synthpunk band from San Antonio, Texas. They recorded some songs between 1980-1981 before turning into another band called "Himmel". 5) mannequin, a producer and song writer from south east london 6) Mannequin, the name the Polish singer/ songwriter Marcin Koscelniak used on his album, which was also called "Mannequin". 7) Mannequin a deathcore band. 8) MANNEQUIN - THE AMAZING BRITISH BROTHERS DAN AND REUBEN FTW! 9) Mannequin is french emo band 10) Mannequin is also the name of a hardcore punk trio from Nottingham, UK

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