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Alias of John O'Callaghan. Also: [/a] UK Death Metal band represented with two tracks on Disc 2 of the "Sometimes... Death is Better" Part 2,3&4 3cd sampler released by Shiver Records and which released "Visions of Sickness " as a demo in 1995. Also: UK Punk band with Metal influences (Beer Metal !) Taken from their Myspace ( ) Leicester's ManniX are Choicey, Creedo and Nick. The band was originally formed in Choicey's parents' garage after a drunken party in 1983 and overnight, beer metal was invented. Over the next year, after getting several gigs at Birstall Village Hall, the band developed its unmistakeable beer metal sound cutting its teeth at the youth club nights on a Friday. One thing led to another and soon the band found themselves with a cult following, supporting loads of famous bands including GBH, Chelsea, the Macc Lads and UK Subs. Many raucous gigs followed at the best Midlands' venues such as the Princess Charlotte, the Royal Mail and the Magazine (the last two sadly no longer in existence), which proved their cult status. Unfortunately, they were banned from many other venues because their rider was too expensive, and the band eventually split in 1990 after the Anti-Poll Tax demo at The Narrowboat in Nottingham to go their separate ways. Creedo moved onto other things, and became the guitarist in Bomb Everything (originally Bomb Disneyland but their name had to be changed to break into America) as well as the legendary Crazyhead during the burgeoning grunge scene of the 1990s, of which he is still a member. Choicey joined a punk outfit called The Cringe as vocalist and then progressed to another punk band called Mental Ward, eventually changing direction completely with a dance project called Sub-Audio-Interface. However, 25 years' later, the band has now reformed with two of the original band members (Choicey and Creedo) bringing beer metal back to the masses for their aural pleasure.

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