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Manu-riga biography

Manu riga was formed in 2004 by Adriaan Baussens and Sven van Hove. Soon they released their first vinyl on Okina Music. "Good feeling" in the Dr Kucho remix was hitting the belgium dance charts on the 22th spot in 2005. Sadly distribution wasn't catching up with the demand. After this dissappointment Manu Riga didn't really felt home. Creativity had no freedom ... After a break of two years Sven & Adriaan gave Manu Riga a second chance but this time they promised they only would follow their heart and do what they like to do. After sending the 2005 track "Tai chi girl" to Bonzai Music they found that home. Bonzai appreciated and loved the different approach of Manu Riga. Manu Riga signed an artistdeal with Bonzai Music in 2010 and a remix for Quadran and George V followed soon. The release "Time in Between" is the first which is typical for their style; progressive with a touch of tribal and emotional synth. Bonzai progressive means coming home for Manu Riga.

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