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Clubmusic has to be the countenace of youth. It has to be glaring and intoxicating and it shouldnt be arranged in norms. All this requirements are united in Manuel Baccanos music. The 24 year old DJ and Producer combines in his dancefloor-rocking tracks the recognition of trendy synthie melodies and rhytmic basslines of pumping Electrobeats creativly. His irresistible, characteristic sound is everytime up-to-date and rises him up of the masses of DJs. Since 2001 Manuel Baccano has played in some of Germanys most famous clubs and getting well-known because of his energetic DJ-sets. His studio productions can be arranged between Neotrance, Electro and the 80ies-Keyboard-Sounds and calls attention to clubs in Austria, Poland and Switzerland. With his side-projects Young & Rich, Chicos Caliente and 20 Inch shows Manuel his different faces of House and Electromusic. The tracks of Manuel Baccano are released by Bikini Records, where he works at the label management since 2008.

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