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The band is a compilation of six individuals working towards a common goal which is embodied in the Manufacturer's Pride. The creation saw first light in the early 2006, and has since produced a couple of promo CD's and a full length album " Faustian Evangelion (2007)" which has been complimented by many Finnish reviews. The music combines occasionally progressive death metal riffs and futuristic computed sounds harmonically weaved into a whole. The vocals bring forth aggression and clean notes to add more depth and to complement the rich melodic atmosphere. Manufacturer's Pride is an ambitious musical mechanism aiming higher than the average consumer oriented product maker. Compromise is not an end to any means, and nothing needs to be settled on. As a band Manufacturer's Pride is not trying to re-invent the wheel but rather give the listener a bit different perspective on metal music and broaden the accustomed boundaries. Mikko Ahlfors - Vocals Teemu Liekkala - Guitar Ristomatti - Rinne - Bass Ville Sivonen - Drums Janne Niskanen - Synth Antti Lampinen - Synth & Programming

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