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Manzana biography

Manzana are a female fronted RockMetal band, that have released four albums and toured Europe several times, and made it on Finnish charts with two albums. Manzana is a gothically darkened edition of Bon Jovi, with stories of Panda Girls, Mermaids, Lesbian Killers, Good Hearted Roadies and of course of A Broken Heart. Manzana has toured with bands like Lovex, Entwine, Lullacry, Sparzanza, For Selena And SIn and Vanity Ink. The singer Piritta Lumous has received front page publicity in Finland with her Rock-book Roadkill- Levottomuuden Anatomia on 2012. The book is claimed to be one of the most unique rock´n roll novels in Finland for years. Manzana has connections to many bigger bands, since guitarist, programmer Henkka and first drummer Heikki work for Diablo ( mixing & drums ) , and the first bassist Ville played in Bombfunk MC`s. All band members are professionals, and released and worked on many material for many labels, in differend positions. ( Villieläin / Universal, Yö, Katra, Elias Viljanen & Evil Spirit, Uniklubi, Diablo, Negative ect ) . Manzanas 4th full-lenght album named " Toy Machine ", first single " No Enemies" was released on March 7th ,2013. The video was shot it Tuscany, Italy.

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