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Marcos Llunas (born 19 September 1971, Madrid) is a Spanish singer-songwriter who has been successful in southern Europe and Latin America and is known for his participation in the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest. Llunas, son of Spanish musician Dyango, released his self-titled first album in 1993. He recorded several moderately successful singles, and in 1995, in Paraguay, won the OTI Song Festival for Spain with the song "Eres mi debilidad". In 1997, Llunas was chosen internally by broadcaster TVE as the Spanish representative for the 42nd Eurovision Song Contest with his self-penned song "Sin rencor" ("No Hard Feelings"). At the contest, held in Dublin on 3 May, "Sin rencor" finished in sixth place of the 25 entries.[1][2] In the years following his Eurovision appearance, Llunas recorded in Portuguese and Catalan in addition to Spanish, and became particularly successful in Latin American markets. His most recent album, a career retrospective, was released in 2004 and he has been inactive as a recording artist since, although he has appeared as a judge on Spanish television talent shows. [edit] Albums discography * 1993: Marcos Llunas * 1994: Piel a piel * 1996: Vida * 1997: Mi Historia * 1999: Pluja d'estels * 2000: Desnudo * 2002: Me gusta * 2003: Hechicera * 2004: Mi retrato

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