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Marcos Witt (born Jonathan Mark Witt,) is a four-time Latin Grammy Award-winning Christian artist. Marcos Witt is a book author, musician, pastor, singer-songwriter and conference speaker born in San Antonio, Texas but he considers himself as a Mexican, since he was raised in Durango, Mexico. I was born in the city of San Antonio TX, U.S.A. the 19 of May of 1962, being the second of 3 children del marriage of Jerry and Nola Witt, young people North American missionaries who in that same year were transferred to Durango, small located city North al of Mexico in where they initiated a misionera work, same that being been left al short time due to the tragic death of its father unfinished Jerry Witt, continues today in day being taken care of by part of the family. Her mother, Nola Holder later contracts second nuptials years with Francisco Warren, American Missionary who adopts like own the misionera vision that God had put into the hands of Nola and Jerry, its late husband, remaining in that city of Mexico to develop and to plant new churches, but mainly to be the husband of Nola and to that Marks, Jerry and Felipe, his brothers, they have always seen like father as well as whom 2 sisters thank for having more, Nola and Lorena, the binoculars that the marriage was years old later. Their basic scholastic studies made in the American School of Durango, Mexico, later, it studied Music in the Juárez University of Durango, and initiated its Theological studies in the Institute Bible College in the city of San Antonio TX, U.S.A. In the year of 1986 it contracts nuptials with Miriam Lee, with that has 4 children, Elena, Jonathan, Kristofer and Carlos. Musician, composer, singer, writer and signaller, Witt Marks found on the year of 1987 Group CanZion, a producing company of Christian music. The first project went “Song to God” interpreted by he himself. To the date, it has recorded 26 projects all they available in the formats of cassete, CD and some in video, reporting in total until year 2004, a sale of more than 7.000.000 of copies in Mexico, Latin America and United Estados. In the Literature area, Marks have written to the date 9 books in Spanish, one of them also translated the English. En los últimos 3 años, más de 3,000,000 de personas han asistido a los conciertos en los que se ha presentado Marcos en importantes foros de América Latina, tales como “El Estadio Velez Sarsfield” en Argentina, “El Estadio Nacional de Cuzcatlán” de El Salvador, “El Estadio Monumental” en Guayaquil Ecuador, “El Estadio El Campín” en Bogotá Colombia, “El Palacio de los Deportes” y “El Estadio Azteca” en la ciudad de México D.F., entre otros. In the last 3 years, more than 3.000.000 of people have attended the concerts in which it has appeared Marks in important forums of Latin America, such as “the Stage Velez Sarsfield” in Argentina, “the National Stage of Cuzcatlán” of El Salvador, “the Monumental Stage” in Guayaquil Ecuador, “the Stage the Campín” in Bogota Colombia, “the Palace of Deportes” and “the Aztec Stage” in the city of Mexico D.F., among others. Del año 2000 a la fecha, Marcos ha impartido más de 40 conferencias y seminarios en temas de liderazgo como parte del programa de LIDERE, empresa del Grupo CanZion dedicada a capacitar líderes. Of year 2000 to the date, Marks have distributed more than 40 conferences and seminaries in leadership subjects as it leaves from the program of LEAD, company of dedicated the CanZion Group to enable leaders. In the year 2001 Marks received the Prize of the People granted by Latin Rate by the outstanding trajectory in their musical race. The 15 of September of 2002 initiated next to Miriam their wife, a new ministerial stage in their life, to be the main Shepherds of the Hispanic community of Lakewood Church, in Houston TX, U.S.A., having from their beginning an affluence of more than 3.000 people in each dominical meeting, with televising transmission to 20 countries, as well as in direct via Internet. In September of the 2003 and the 2004 it received in consecutive form the Latin Grammy in the category to the Best Album of Christian Music that was granted by the Latin Academy of Arts and Sciences of the Recording. He studied of Masters in the Oral Roberts University in Tulsa OK, U.S.A. In November of 2003, Marks record “Again Remembering” in the Sports Sand of the city of Los Angeles, CA incursionando with this one project in the secular market by means of an agreement of distribution with Sony which contemplates to a solid plan of promotion and marketing research in this one market. © 2004 - 2014 River of Life Discount Christian Bookstore • All Rights Reserved Design by Graphic Studio He has recorded over 30 projects. His most recent album is titled "Sobrenatural" (Supernatural) recorded live in Colombia with an attendance of over 35,000 people.

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