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Marek Grechuta (b. December 10, 1945, d. October 9, 2006) was a Polish singer, composer, and lyricist from Zamość. He studied architecture at Krakow University of Technology, and debuted in 1967 in the student cabaret Anawa. In that same year he was awarded second place in the VI Nationwide Contest of Student Singers (VI Ogólnopolski Konkurs Piosenkarzy Studenckich) and also received an award for the song Tango Anawa, written by him, with music by J. K. Pawluśkiewicz. From 1968 he won several awards at the Festival of Polish Music in Opole. He is the author of many hits characterized by use of poetic and literary elements. Co-author (along with P. Birula and K. Szwajgier) of the music to the show Exodus (written by L. A. Moczulski) at the STU Theater in Krakow (1974) as well as the musical Szalona Lokomotywa (Crazy Locomotive) by S. I. Witkiewicz (along with K. Jasiński and J. K. Pawluśkiewicz) (1977).

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