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Maria Iakovou was born in Athens, where she still lives in. She started working as a professional singer from an early age, performing, through the years, all kinds of music, but the past few years, she is devoted to greek popular music. She has worked with many distinguished artists such as George Dalaras, Nikos Vertis, Panos Kiamos, Vasilis Karras, Elli Kokkinou and many others. She first became known to the public, about four years ago, after her participating in greek "Fame Story" show. In the year 2008, she makes her first entry into the music industry, with the album "Mavra Mesanichta" (Universal Music), which included several radio hits, such as "Pali den ise edo", "Ine kati dilina", "Chanome", with the title song remaining at the top of the charts for several months. Meanwhile, she was playing as an actor a small part in "Mavra Mesanichta" TV series. Repeating her highly successful collaboration with the music composer Kiriakos Papadopoulos and the lyricist Vasilis Yiannopoulos on the first album, in the year 2010 she released the second one, entitled "Gia sena anaseno" (Universal Music), from which the title song became a great hit, visualized under the directions of Vangelis Tsaousopoulos and afterwards remixed by famous DJ Pantelis.In July 2010 she came up with a digital single, written by Kiriakos Papadopoulos(music) and Vasilis Yiannopoulos(lyrics), titled "ANTE GEIA", which also became a great hit.The big hit of this summer is going to be her brand new song "Pos antexeis"(UniversalMusicGreece), composed, as always, by Kiriakos Papadopoulos and written by Ilias Filippou.

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