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Marisa Monte is an abbreviation of Marisa de Azevedo Monte (b. 1 Jul 1967, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), a popular singer and one the biggest stars of contemporary MPB. She débuted with the album "Marisa Monte" (1988, World Pacific) and her latest is the single "Ainda Bem" (Sep 2011, EMI Brazil). While classically trained in opera singing, she grew up surrounded by the sounds of the Portela samba school, and combines diverse influences into her music. While most of her music is in the style of modern MPB, she has also recorded traditional sambas and folklore tunes, and songs by Marvin Gaye and Lou Reed. Much of her work has been in collaboration with musicians / songwriters, including: Carlinhos Brown, Arnaldo Antunes, Nando Reis and producer / guitarist Arto Lindsay. She has worked other non-Brazilian artists, including Laurie Anderson and 坂本龍一. She formed Tribalistas, with Brown and Antunes, which released a single eponymous album in 2002, a beautiful mix of the various brazilian musical traditions, with a touch of pop. Sites: Discogs and YouTube

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