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There are few who bring the beats as ferociously and fierce as Mark Instinct does. Although one could expect nothing less from a hybrid; half man and half machine! A ruthless producer and monstrous DJ, Mark Instinct isn’t a name you’ll soon be forgetting. One of Canada’s foremost bass pushers, Instinct has firmly established himself among many of electronic music’s biggest names. With an early start in DJing, Calgary based Instinct aligned himself as a prominent member of the Supreme Hustle crew and has been causing bassquakes ever since. No genre off limits, but known for his futuristic disco trash thats more gold than garbage, Instinct’s low frequency productions have been released on Rottun Records, Subhuman, Sony Sweden and PlayMe Records. Detonate and Hit Em (both released on PlayMe Records) held down solid spots on Beatport's Top 10 charts, with Detonate climbing as high as #2, while his King Kong remix for Datsik and Bare (Subhuman) was untouchable. He's even made appearances on Ministry of Sound compilation with his track Venom (with Virus Syndicate) being included on Jaguar Skills latest CD. His presence has been felt cross continental and coast to coast (North America, Australia and beyond!) while appearances at festivals are numerous (Shambhala Music Festival and Starscape to name a few), his radio show appearances (BBC 1Xtra, Denver Hot 107 etc) and internet hits equate to the largest of fat stacks. Fresh out the water, always with a swisher and ready to slaughter, Mark Instinct is a Boss with a capital B. Murderous beats, merciless to the max, best recognize Mark Instinct.

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