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Matthias Reim (born on 26 November 1957 in Korbach, Hesse) is a German pop/rock singer-songwriter. Performing an often dramatic, emotional form of 'schlager' music, his first single, titled "Verdammt, ich lieb dich" (English: "Damn, I love you"), came out in 1990. The internationally famous single sold over 2.5 million copies and was at top of the charts in Germany for 16 weeks. No single had kept that position for so long since 1971, with Reim sharing this distinction with Boney M. His first album, called simply 'Reim', was released soon thereafter. Though a household name in much of Europe, he faced a tough situation in trying to follow-up such a major hit. By 1999, another nine albums had been released by the Polydor label. His album 'Zauberland' (English: 'Land of Magic') was also released as an international version in Canada under the title 'Wonderland'. In 2000, Matthias Reim released 'Wolkenreiter' (English: 'Rider of the Clouds'), his first of four CDs released on the EMI label. He unexpectedly made a return to massive success with 'Unendlich' in February 2013, a long-delayed album that ended up reaching number one.

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