M'black top 20 songs


M'black biography

M'black A.K.A Matt Schwartz is a record producer a songwriter and a prolific audio engineer based in the UK. Matt was born in Israel and came to the UK in 1994 driven by passion for music, art and technology. He went on to top dance charts all over the world, his music and songs appearing on numerous TV programs and films (Including blockbusters such as Day of the jackal and The matrix, Sky sports news, Fashion TV and most of the UK music TV channels), he cracked the top 10 in several countries (including the UK) and sold several million CD singles, Albums, Vinyl, downloads and compilations with a string of international hits under many different names such as, The Drill , Dada, 4tune500 and Deepest Blue all starting their life on his Destined imprint. Matt has also worked as a producer/writer with many great artist such as Massive attack, Robbie Williams, JTQ, Trevor Horn and Lol Cream (10cc)

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