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There are several artists under the name Mera: 1. Mera is a modern melodic metal band providing creative songs with their own personality inspired by the dark, gritty, rainwet city streets of a dystopian future. Mera's first EP, entitled "Nano" was released on August 5th 2014. Mera's music can be bought or downloaded for free on Bandcamp. 2. Mera is a performer with multi-national appeal. The daughter of a Spanish father and Persian mother, she sings in five languages (Arabic, Farsi, French, Spanish, and English), dances, and combines the cultural traditions of the East with those of modern-day discos. Born in Spain, Mera moved with her mother to Tehran, Iran, when she was three and to the U.S. when she was 12. While attending school in Connecticut, she developed an interest in music and theater. In the early '90s, she formed a pop duo with another singer whose name also began with an M -- Melissa -- hence the duo's name: M&M. When Melissa decided to leave the business, Mera sought work on her own, appearing in small parts in films and in TV commercials in France and Japan. Her singing career received a boost when she met producer-composer Shad Rabanni in 1994. Rabanni's music fused Middle Eastern and Latin influences and seemed the perfect vehicle for Mera's vocal talents. Their collaboration resulted in Mera's 1996 debut album, Mera, and Sandstorm in 2001. Mera's song "Pol" was also included on the compilation Baila Habibi, Vol. II, while the video for her single "Albee" ("My Heart") was a success in France, receiving extensive airplay on MTV France. With the release of her second album in the summer of 2001, Mera embarked on a North American tour, seeking to bring her popularity to American dance music fans. ~ Lynne Bronstein, All Music Guide

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