Mirkwood top 20 songs


Mirkwood biography

There are three artists called "Mirkwood": 1). MIRKWOOD was a British progressive-rock band formed in early 1971 in Dover, Kent by guitarists Mick Morris (www.mickmorris.org) and Jack Castle. Mirkwood recorded just one eponymous album on the Flams Ltd label. A mere 99 copies of the album were pressed, for family, friends and a few lucky fans. Some years later, the 'Mirkwood' album was listed as the most expensive in RECORD COLLECTOR magazine. It has since been re-released (www.redadmiralrecords.co.uk). With dual guitar battles and stoned vox, this record is a highlight hard-progessive rock with psychedelic influences.Seven lengthy tracks with incredible perfect rhythm changes,incredible fuzz leads with never ending harsh solos and also silent and epic tracks. (http://collectorsfrenzy.com). 2). Mirkwood is a band out California, US. They incorperate many different styles of music, ranging from black metal, classical music, folk music, and viking metal. They are a project started by AK in the summer of 2005. Its main goal was to make songs of a mix of numerous sub-genres of metal but at the same time adding creative elements to the music. It is comprised of fast tremelo picking guitars and smooth melodies using other instruments such as horns and timpani. (https://sites.google.com/site/mirkwoodband/). 3). Mirkwood is a one-man Darkwave / Ambient project created by Silenius known from his Epic Black Metal band with Protector called Summoning. Mirkwood had never officially released any albums, however all its songs(one promo) can be downloaded from the website of Summoning (www.summoning.info).

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