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Mo biography

There are at least seven artists with the name Mo: 1. Mo is the Norwegian singer (Mohamed Abdi Farah) of Dance Like A Freak. Mohamed Abdi Farah is better known as Mo and has lived a life full of big contrasts. As a 7 year old he came to Norway as a refugee from war-torn Somalia. He group up in Hamar and had his breakthrough as an artist after a popular stint on X-Factor in 2010. With two single releases, radio play and performances on several TV programs, Mo’s career was progressing well when terror hit Oslo and Utøya on 22 July 2011. As a participant at the AUF summer camp that year, Mo was personally affected by the events. 2. MO is a j-core artist. 3. Mo aka A2ThaMo is a hip hop artist from Oklahoma. 4. Mo is a french singer (Melodie Orru) 5. Mo is a German electronic producer responding to the name of Gabriele Loschelder. 6. Mo is an alias of UK electronic producer Modepth 7. Mo was a new wave band from the Netherlands. Founded in 1979 by the brothers Clemens and Huub de Lange. Their debut album Mo, with Heili Helder (vocals) and Harm Bieger (drums), featured no guitars but keyboards and a bassoon (a woodwind instrument). In February 1981 they reached the album top 10 in the Netherlands. They had also succes with the singles 'Nancy', and 'Fred Astaire'. This line-up folded in 1981, but Bieger continued the band with new singer Linda Bloemhard and two other new members. This second line-up released two albums (Ha Ha! The Sound Of Laughing and Stop Staring) and had some success with their concerts, mainly because of the stage personality of singer Bloemhard and the single 'Cheese'. Their single 'Asia' didn't chart in 1984 and the band split in 1985.

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