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Moana biography

A door is being closed with a bang, the melodies of child songs still ring through your head and the noise of a hangover and a broken heart are overwhelming. But outside the sun is shining and birds are singing andnew chances are awaiting; these contradictions set the premise for Moana's songs. Moana is the Rotterdam-based band providing the musical backdrop for singer Johanneke Kranendonk's poetic songs. With influences like Jeff Buckley, PJ Harvey and Tom Waits, her songs are of a dark mood with a light edge. With members of the band Woost, and the addition of a keyboard player, Moana began working on its debut album in January 2008. After two succesful recording sessions in a studio in Gent, Belgium, the last part of the album will be finished this summer in Holland. Their debut album will be released in November 2008, and presented in Lantaren/Venster in Rotterdam. Live Moana is a band not to be missed. With an incredible energy the band plays the typical songs with a passion that is rare for bands generally backing up singer/songwriters.

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