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N-dee biography

N-Dee (real name is Max) began his professional dj-career in 1998 at the age of 16 in the small town of Western Siberia. In the next year he moved to Novosibirsk in order to obtain higher education, but it happened that he dived into his beloved profession entirely. After another couple of years Maxim has been constantly touring in many cities of the eastern part of Russia and beyond. In the autumn of 2004 he moves to Moscow. At this time, the geography of the tour covers the city of Kiev to Vladivostok. Recently, N-Dee found his passion for creating his own music, which is closest to the definitions of techno and house, but is not afraid to experiment in other directions. For example, one of the last of his completed projects is a sound-track to the scandalous play of the most popular in the Europe contemporary Russian playwright Mikhail Volohov called «Lesbians Roaring Like a Tsunami». In December 2007 came the debut release on the label Deep-X. During the 2008 and 2009 several Max’s tracks were released by National Techno community which is well-known in Russia today. One of them ("Carrion Disco") was one of Richie Hawtin's favorite during summer 2009. In the late 2008 there was a release of two of his own tracks and one of his Tanzport project on German Kostbar Musik. The track called “Some Day” also appeared in the compilation of the same label together with such musicians as Steve Lawler, Robert Babicz, Goldfish & Der Dulz, Phonogenic, Patrick Zigon, Lars Wickinger, Chelonis R. Jones and others.

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