N-joi top 20 songs


N-joi biography

N-Joi is a house music and techno production duo from Essex England consisting of Nigel Champion and Mark Franklin, with sometime vocalist/front person Saffron. Between 1991 and 1996 they entered the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart five times, all of them hitting the Top 10. Two of the songs went to number one: "Mindflux" in 1992 and "The New Anthem" in 1996, which was a new version of their debut single "Anthem," a top five dance hit from 1991. N-Joi had several hits on the UK singles chart as well: * 1991 Adrenaline EP (number 23) * 1991 "Anthem" (number 8) * 1992 "Live In Manchester (Parts 1 and 2)" (number 12) * 1992 The Drumstruck EP (number 33) In 2006 they returned to the top of the Official UK Dance Chart with a set of remixes of their biggest UK hit "Anthem". They have subsequently reformed as a three-piece and are playing regular slots at clubs in the UK (Mass in Brixton being just one) as well as playing a live set at various festivals this summer.

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