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N-phonix biography

Nphonix is an alias of young russian talent Feodor Stepanenko (Obninsk, Russia). Feodor's career has begun in 2000 when for the first time he has tried himself in drum&bass music, impressed by Bad Company, Kemal, Cause 4 Concern, Ed Rush&Optical, Stakka&Skynet, etc. In 2005 he sends out some of his tracks and as a result gets signed on various labels - well-known UK-based DSCI4, dutch Fokuz and a promising Luxembourg-based neurofunk label Full Force. Besides Nphonix, Feodor also has a number of parallel projects representing various soundings of drum&bass (Ntitled, The Mafia) and many other musical styles (Jon Smit, FM Science, Minddubber, D-Stance - downtempo, techno, idm, breakz). Nphonix's tracks are currently played by such well-known representatives of the drum&bass scene, as Optiv, Phace, Noisia, Mayhem, Psidream, Pyro, State Of Mind, Codex, Rusher, NME Click, Full Force, and many other d&b DJs and producers worldwide.

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