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Real Name: Андрій Симонович (Andriy Symonovych) Profile: Na-Hag is a tribal-industrial project from Kiev, Ukraine by Ruga Roo, also known with his projects r.roo and Sound Wave Pressure. The creation of a young Kiev-based musician, Ruga Roo, also known for his other projects such as r.roo, Sound Wave Pressure and Strangled Voice, Na-Hag displays yet another facet of his talent and originality. The new album is a logical continuation of the debut release “Dreams Of A Sick Man” exploring the realms of restless dreams. But this time, be prepared to go deeper and take a voyage through the Lost Cities, the place where we all dwell while sleeping. “Lost Cities” will greet you with eerie and mesmerizing atmosphere of ritualistic tribal percussions merging with dark droning soundscapes and transforming into powerful rhythmic noise structures. This is definitely a must listen for fans of This Morn’ Omina, Empusae, Geomatic and the like. Discography : Lost Cities - Synthematik (2011) Dreams Of A Sick Man - X-Line (2011) Obscurant (2012)

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