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Nabat biography

There are three bands (minimum) named Nabat: 1. An Italian Oi band 2. A Russian black metal band 3. A German black metal band ----- 1) Nabat was formed back in 1979 in the city of Bologna with the following line -up: Steno on vocals (was already on bass in the band of RAF PUNK), Stiv on guitar, Giulio on bass and Davide on drums. The same year Nabat played their first gig in the anarchist centre "C.Bernieri". They appeared on stage at the same time as a few other punk groups of Bologna like R.A.F. Punk, Stalag 17, Bacteria, Anna Falks, Irha, EHX and many others. 2) Nabat is also the name of a Russian NS black metal band that released one demo in 2000. 3) Nabat is the name of a German Black Metal band from Berlin, which was formed by Russian guitarist Necropostel (Ex-Raped Cadaver) and vocalist/lyricist Theostuges (Ex-Hellfucked) in 2009. In spring 2010 drummer Hangman (Ex-Neithan, Inhuman Hate) joined the band, in autumn 2010 Italian bassist Decimator completed the line-up. Nabat is the Russian word for "tocsin" or "alarm bell" and symbolizes the doom, death and destruction that shall befall the wretched humanity and the blinded followers of the Abrahamic Religions in terms of war cruelty and plagues. The first demo will be unleashed in December 2010.

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