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Nach biography

Nach, previously called NACH SCRATCH, is a hip hop artist and composer from Alicante, Spain. In 1995 he made his first singles titled “D.E.P” and “Trucos”. He gained fame with collaborations with SFDK, Expression in Conserva or Nerviozzo. After some time, he recorded his first album: “La Brevedad de los Días”, and recorded the single “Basado en hechos reales” with Nona. The second album, “Poesía Difusa”, is full of manifestos against hypocrisy-collaborations include Lírico, Shuga Wuga, Titó, and Faf Larage. Because of the great public reception to this album, Nach released a DVD of his concert in November 2003 in Barcelona. adding all the supporting groups in the second disk titled 'Cutting Weapon'. It was published in two versions, one reediting “Lo Difuso” Poetry CD, without including changes, and another one only with the DVD of the concert. The ACB chose to him to write and to make a song for the 2004-2005 basketball season. The subject was called “Juega”. In this song it names 26 players who participated in that season and to two historical ones of the league (Fernando Martin and Pau Gasol) were mentioned. At the beginning of November of the 2005 he made his third album, “Ars Magna/Miradas”. It was a complex project released as a double Album, but with different themes on each one. The first, titled “Ars Magna” is a continuation of his normal lyrical content; subjects like environment, the passage of time, and the record market are discusssed. The second, titled “Miradas” is a more conceptual disc because each song discusses through the life of several different kinds people-like a new born, a prostitute, a expresidiario, an immigrant, a blind person, and a taxi driver. Collaborations include Arma Blanca, Juaninacka, bad Payo, Aniki, and Flavio Rodriguez.

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