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Nacho Sotomayor was born in Villanueva del Arzobispo (Jaén, Spain) in 1966. During two decades he combined the experimentation in the area of digital computing and electronic musical treatments with his studies of Philosophy and Arts. All this led to the grouping of the project “Intro” together with his brother Francisco Sotomayor. In the 90’s they published four albums (Visiones, 1994; Edén 1996; Melismas, 1998; Dies Irae, 2000). The small, rocky island “Es Vedrá” (close to Ibiza) helped him to concieve the project “La Roca” (Vol. 1,2,3,4 and 5), of which during half a decade every year a new album of growing evolution and penetration on the international market was brought out. In the “VIII Edición de los Premios de la Música” awarded by the “Academia de la Música”, Nacho Sotomayor was nominated in the category of “The best theme of electronic music” for his song “Y por que te quiero”. The selection of the video “Eternal” as one of the Tops by the Britain TV channel MTV, caused a very positive reaction on a wider international level like Singapur, Australia, Italy, USA, Israel, Greece, Canada, France, UK, Japan, etc.. On top of that, his song “Island God” was included in the famous television series “Six Feet Under” by the American production company HBO. In 2006, Nacho and his brother Francisco founded their own record label “Absolut Ambient”, a project that is much more emotional than comercial, and which beds on fresh and daring electronic music In the middle of 2007, “Interior”, Nacho´s first album a part from “La Roca”, was published by “Absolut Ambient”. It offers music that is close to Pop Music, but maintains a very proper identity and counts with important collaborations: the voice of Marta Sánchez, the guitar of José Luis Encinas and the Dj and singer of “Deep Blue”. Over and above this, he worked on several projects like, for example, his collaboration with the TV channel National Geographics Asia and the Italian label Giorgio Armani. In 2008, “La Roca Vol. 6” has just been published by his own label “Absolut Ambient”, the continuation of one of the most important series of the latest electronic music. Its music with deep Mediterranean roots makes us dreaming and travelling through impossible paradises. Once again, Nacho worked together with good artists like Bebe or Deep Blue, who had already collaborated with him in previous projects. Recently, the “Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias de la Música”, has given to him the prize in the category of “The best theme of electronic music” for his song “Untitled for a guitar”, from the album “Interior”.

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