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1). Harsh Noise project of Henry Davies Nacht.Und.Nebel. 2). 1980 - 1986 , Belgium , Merksem. Belgian synth-pop/electro/new wave band of the 1980’s founded by Patrick Nebel. They had one very big hit in 1984 with their track “Beats Of Love”. Afterwards the band released 2 more albums, but never had the same kind of success with these. The band comes to an end in 1986 due to the death of founding member Patrick Nebel. Powerful and strange synth-orientated pop group of the early eighties. Patrick Marina Nebel debuted with a solo single under his own name “Movoco Syntaca” and an EP full of nervous and funky songs. Roland Beelen (founder of Antler Records) recalls his first impressions : “We discovered Nacht und Nebel in the studio, when we were working with 2 Belgen. We all were fascinated by Patrick Nebel. That was something out of the ordinary. Patrick was a very exuberant figure”. The debut album “Casablanca” contained six personal, simple and naïeve songs backed by a powerful beat. And just as personal, simple, naïeve and powerful were the concerts of the group, during which the imposing Nebel disguised himself in a decadent nightlife outfit. “Beats of love” from the album “Beats of Love” becomes a big hit in 1984 in a remix by John Tilly. In Belgium and France 150.000 copies are sold. Patrick Nebel (a small heart in a big fat unhealthy body) had to enjoy the success from out of a Swiss sanitorium. When he came back, he was slimmer, full of confidence and had a good girlfriend (the story about the Swiss sanatorium is a mythe: Alban Bentein told me the real one: “We went to Switzerland together for a live concert on Radio Suisse Romande and this inspired Patrick to tell the story to the press”). “Ready to dance” and “Victoria 2000” from the consequent album “Victoria 2000” make it to the hitparades. Then it starts to go wrong again with Patrick Nebel. Patrick Nebel (born as Patrick Marina Schools, 23 november 1958, Merksem - 15 maart 1986, Ekeren) his dead means the end of the group. (3) Nacht Und Nebel comes from Canadian lands and represents extremist nsbm. `The Drowning Source ...of Triumph` is their debut release of a winter rehearsal - `a single moment crystalized through music and alcohol` as they are saying. Musically you should expect very raw grim black metal. The vocal is horribly sick and shrieking is vey high. (4) Nacht Und Nebel - Polish band from Wrocław.

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