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Nachtgeschrei - Rock, Metal, Folk and a touch of Medieval NEUES ALBUM "ARDEO" - Release: 26.11.2010 Release Show: 10.12.2010 - Wiesbaden Ardeo - lateinisch für „ich brenne“ - doch wofür? Ausgebrannt oder Feuer undFlamme? Wild funkensprühend oder nur noch Verwüstung und Untergang?Mit „Ardeo“, ihrem nunmehr dritten Album in nur drei Jahren, melden sich Nachtgeschrei lautstark zurück. Diesmal ist die Abwechslung zwischen finsterster Nacht und wild lodernden Flammen noch ausgeprägter als auf den Vorgängern. Nachdenklich, schwermütig und düster, aber auch lebendig, mächtig und geradlinig nach vorne gehend - Ardeo lotet ohne Rücksicht auf die engen Konventionen des Mittelalter-Rocks Grenzen aus, und ist so ruhiger und doch wilder, dunkler und heller brennend als die Vorgänger. These are the ingredients from which the strange brew called "Nachtgeschrei" is made - but don't be fooled to pour it down - for it's taste will surely be flavoured by blood, sweat and tears and seven blokes from Frankfurt, who were on the road again, cramped into their little bus for days. What is it that these guys have in store? Music! Live, hard and loud - full of personality, unique and wild at heart. Epic folk played on archaic instruments is let loose upon a high-pressurized rock- and metalcrew, only matched in energy by the charismatic vocals of an untamable frontman. This band truly lives their music, giving their audiences the chance to touch the flame and get fired up. In their four years of existence, the band already released two albums. The debut "Hoffnungschimmer" is out since spring 2008, a successor called "Am Rande der Welt" followed in march 2009, both released by Massacre Records. In the short time after their foundation, the band has built themselves a steady following all across the nation. No matter where these guys play their songs, there'll sure be singing, headbanging and party! Their schedule takes them up and down the country, crossing borders, going places and rocking most exciting events. But that's no reason to gear down - on the contrary! The next year will see the Frankfurt seven hitting the road again, have them playing huge festival stages as well as joining the crowd offstage, haunting the campfires at night with accoutic guitars, truly earning the name Nachtgeschrei - Screams of the night. Current line-up: Holger Franz - vocals Joachim Penc - keyboards Stefan Kolb - drums Dominik Stephan - bagpipes Sanedin Pepeljak - guitar Tilman Scholz - guitar (Paimon) Oliver Klein - bass (Paimon) Origin: Germany (Frankfurt/Main, Hesse) Formed in: 2006 Current label: Massacre Records Status: Active Discography: Promo 2006 [Demo, 2006] Promo 2007 [Demo, 2007] Hoffnungsschimmer [Full-length, 2008] Am Rande Der Welt [Full-length, 2009] Ardeo [Full-length, Winter 2010]

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