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BIOGRAPHY Nachtvorst was created in the winter of 2007 by Leopold and Erghal to compose emotional music, relying heavily on atmosphere. Nachtvorst embodies the attempt to use musical transgression to approach the vastness of the Kantian Sublime, not being constrained by the rules of any particular genre. The debut album Stills (2009), released by Black Devastation Records showed the first steps in blending genres to accomplish this atmosphere of darkness and mental dissonance. It was received well in the underground metal scene, generating many positive reviews and a loyal fan base. In 2011 Nachtvorst released the first of a series of EPs entitled Meditations, exploring some of the more abstract influences of the band. The first Meditations EP was an experiment in the field of drone/doom, released by the dark label Dunkelheit Produktionen. Three years after the release of Stills, Nachtvorst is ready to reveal the latest stage in their journey. Signing with cult label Code666, 2012 will see the release of the new album titled Silence. This album blends the dark elements from black, doom, drone and sludge metal and contrasts these using shoegaze and post-rock influences. RELEASES Kerkenbrand (Demo 2007) - Not Available Nacht Der Stervende Zielen (Demo 2008) - MC: Wolfsvuur Records/Wulfrune Worxxx - 250 copies - 3"CD-R: Svartgalgh Records - 50 copies Stills (Album 2009) - CD: Black Devastation Records - 1000 copies (50 copies in Digipack) - 12"LP: Art of Propaganda/Raging Bloodlust Records - 309 copies (+ A3 Poster) Meditations I (EP 2011) - ProMC: Dunkelheit Produktionen - 200 copies Silence (Album 2012) - CD: Code666/Aural Music - TO BE RELEASED MAY 2012! MEMBERS: Leopold - Instruments & Composition Erghal - Vocals & Lyrics

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