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There is more than one artist named Nadia: 1. Nadia, American Singer-songwriter 2. Nadia Almada, a Madeiran-born UK reality TV star who won Big Brother in 2004. 3. Nadia Lopez, a Grammy Award nominated Mexican singer and reality television star. 4. Nadia Hulett, of Phantom Posse. 5. Nadia (Надя in Bulgarian), a Bulgarian pop singer. 6. Nadia Robichaud, a French-Canadian eurodance singer. 7. Nadia, a Korean group 8. Hozan Nadia (means 'artist Nadia'), a Kurdish singer 1. Nadia is an American singer-songwriter. Longing, love and life’s tribulations are the themes of her songs. Nadia's music is melancholic and filled with emotion. She fuses catchy melodies and sweet harmonies. Nadia sings from her heart and with her soul. Prior to pursuing music, Nadia worked as a television journalist for several years. She may have given up the trenches, but she's still hanging on to her microphone. Instead of telling stories through video, she's now weaving stories with her voice. 2. Nadia Almada (born Jorge Leodoro, 28 January 1977, Madeira) is a UK based transexual reality TV star who won the fifth series of Big Brother UK in 2004. After moving to England in 1996, Nadia (who was also known as Carlos Leodoro before becoming a woman) worked as a cashier in a bank. She entered the Big Brother house on 28 May 2004 and after 71 days she emerged the winner with 74% of the overall vote. Almada went on to record a single entitled A Little Bit Of Action, which reached Number 27 in the UK Singles Chart in December 2004. She also made a guest appearance in the soap opera Hollyoaks turning on the Christmas Lights. After her win she went on to appear on a number of British television shows and in August 2010 she re-entered the Big Brother house for the final Ultimate Big Brother. She has also expressed an interest in representing the United Kingdom at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. 3. Nadia was born to Mario Lopez Hernández and Aurora Ayuso Rodriguez. She has an older brother named Mario Josuè Lopez Ayuso. Since childhood, Nadia embraced singing, but she kept her desire to perform hidden as her father did not embrace this idea. However, with the help of her mother, she participated in singing competitions such as "Fanta-sia Musical." Nadia soon won the support and help of her father and began to secure musical gigs. At 14, she was a presenter and singer in the television program "Panorama Musical" and presenter on "La Guelaguetza." While working in a restaurant, she sang with her father's mariachi group. [edit] Nadia's role in La Academia Nadia won first prize in the V International Talent and Modeling Convention in 1998. She recorded CDs in Oaxaca, most notably "Enamorada de tí," releasted in 1998. In 2002, Nadia landed a spot on the Mexican reality show La Academia on Televisión Azteca. With her rendition of "Cucurrucucu Paloma," she made the final 14 contestants on June 30, 2002. Nadia gave over a dozen performances on the show, including songs by Rocio Durcal, Chayanne, Juan Gabriel, Marisela, and Selena. Although she was voted off in fifth place, her performances garnered her a contract with Warner Music to record her first CD. In February 2003, Nadia's first album, called "Nadia," was released, featuring tracks "La differencia" ("The difference"), "La duda" ("The doubt"), and "Te voy a olvidar" ("I'm going to forget you"). The album reached #1 in Mexican sales weeks after its release and was certified gold (100,000 copies sold) within several months. Nadia was again invited to participate in La Academia in March 2003 in a version uniting the show's first and second casts. On this show, now called "Desafio de Estrellas," Nadia was among the final five contestants, along with Yahir, Myriam, Estrella, and Erika. On June 13, Nadia was declared the runner-up of the show after performing in the Coca Cola Auditorium in Monterrey, Mexico, in front of 30,000 people. Soon afterwards, Nadia's debut album was re-released in a special edition containing a DVD that featured an interview with Nadia and three live performances. [edit] After La Academia In October 2003, Nadia was nominated for a Premio Oye (the Mexican equivalent of a Grammy in two categories - "Revelación del año" (album of the year) and "Artista del año" (Artist of the year). She won album of the year at the ceremony on November 15, 2003. That month, her debut album went platinum, selling in excess of 150,000 copies. In early 2004, Nadia briefly toured the United States to promote the release of her second album, Contigo sí ("With you, yes"). The title track from this album was featured as the theme song to Soñarás, a telenovela (soap opera) that aired on TVAzteca. Nadia's album went gold soon afterwards, and Nadia attained a fanbase not only in Mexcio and the United States but in Guatemala, El Salvador, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and other Latin countries. Nadia's third album, Endulzame el oido (Sweeten my ears), was released in 2005. It features two duets: one with Bobby Pulido ("Para olvidarte"), and one with the Texan group Costumbre ("El dedo en la llaga"). To date, she has sold very little worldwide. Nadia released her fourth album, Mujer (Woman).which includes songs such as Abrazame, Heridas, Eternamente Bella and many more. Her fifth album "Un Poco de Tus Besos" was released at September 24 2007. Her sixth album "A Puro Dolor" will be released on March 5th, 2008. The album finally gives a chance to Nadia demonstrate her talent in the Ranchero music. [1] On December 3rd 2008 Nadia got nominated for a Grammy Award in Best Regional Mexican Album category for her latest album "A Puro Dolor" making her one of the first La Academia contestants to be nominated for such a big award. 5. Nadia is a Bulgarian pop / RnB singer. She was borne in the city of Varna. An ex-swimmer, Nadia started working with DesiSlava (a famous Bulgarian singer) in 2010. DesiSlava became her producer and Nadia released her own first single named "Virtual Game".. 7. Nadia (Korean: 나디아;) is a South Korean project group formed by Purple Communication and SM Entertainment in 2009. The name is inspired from a Japanese animation series of the same name. The duo consists of Hwang Hyun (황현, from the one-man band Roommate) and Myung In-hee (명인희, from the Korean band THE THE).

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