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With poetic lyrics, a crystal clear voice, straith drumbeats and rocking guitars, Nadie places itself in the tradition of the pureness of folk, while at the same time it offers plain pop-rock music (which reminds one of the the ‘80s). It all began when the band formed itself around singer-songwriter Nadie Reyhani. Nadie started to write and compose her own songs at a very young age and from the age of seventeen Nadie presented herself on small stages, where she played her own songs on guitar. Having been raised in a musical family, she recorded her first demo in the year 2000 in Perth, Australia, while travelling across the desert with a theatregroup. It was during her studies back in the Netherlands that she started to play with musicians from many different musical backgrounds. This resulted in the formation of the band which is now called Nadie. With her band, Nadie performed mostly in theaters and cafés in the southern regions of the Netherlands. And not surpisingly, it was in Maastricht, the most southern city of the Netherlands, where together with musician and producer Bart Oostindie, the band recorded their first EP in the winter of 2007. In combination with Bart, Nadie composed several new songs, which resulted in a diverse repertoire of melancholic songs which at times bring tears, but which more often soothe the soul by offering beatifully orchested fragments of human drama we’re all to familiar with. At the moment Nadie is recording her first Album which will be released autumn 2008

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