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There are 2 artists with the name Nadina Nadina Forsling is a Swedish pop artist Spotify link Teaser video Teaser audio Nadina Zarifeh is a Lebanese artist full name الأسم: Nadina Zarifeh نادينا assumed name الشهره: Nadina نادينا birth تاريخ الميلاد: June 14th 1979 horoscope البرج: Gemini الجوزاء place مكان الميلاد: Lebanon لبنان nationality الجنسية: Canadian, Lebanese كنديه, لبنانية work المهنة: Singer مغنية website الموقع الألكتروني: Biography : Nadina Says : Throughout the Middle East war, my parents transported me through gun fire and bombings so I could perform for charities such as UNICEF, fundraising for Lion´s Clubs, special events at cultural centers and countless others. At the age of six, I was the youngest of a traditional Lebanese choir headed by Maestro Salim Sahab, which formed the foundation of my singing career. November 22, 1986, Bologne, Italy: I was at the Antoniano dei Frati Minori performing at the 29th Zecchino D´oro festival held by UNICEF. As the first child in history to participate from the Arab countries, I was to perform ´Vola, Palombella!´ (Fly Bird of Peace) accompanied by a choir consisting of thirty-five kids directed by Maestro Mariele Ventre. That day, I made a lasting impression because of my outstanding performance that led me to win the ´La Targa G´Doro´ (Giornalino - Gold Medal). The song, ´Vola, Palombella!´, evoked the love of children and parents alike. The Zecchino D´oro Festival was broadcasted live on radio and television stations across many nations by RAI uno, Eurovision and Intervision, drawing in more than 25 million viewers. I was interviewed by many reporters from many countries, and the news of my exceptional performance together with my commitment to promoting worldwide peace was publicized in magazines and newspapers. ´Vola, Palombella!´ became a catchy tune, sung in many households, schools, camps, bomb shelters, TV shows and radio shows. For young children throughout the war, ´Vola, Palombella!´ was sung as guns and bombs provided the background music. After performing in Italy, I was invited back in 1987 as the guest of honour to open and close the Giffoni Film Festival (the European Academy Awards) in front of an audience of over 10,000. In 1989, I was, for the second year in a row, chosen to perform at the Banner of Peace Festival in Bulgaria where 150 countries came together to promote world peace. My appearance that year, however, was specifically to represent the ´children of the world´. A standing ovation followed my performance as ambassadors stood one-by-one to shake my hand as I left the stage. At the age of nine, I fled Lebanon with my family to Canada. For many years I put my singing career on hold in order to swim competitively in Canada, the United States, and Lebanon. Some highlights of my accomplishments include: ranking third at a Senior´s Swim Meet at the age of eleven, obtaining nationals at the age of fourteen, ranking in the top three of my age group in BC, Canada, participating at the Commonwealth Games Trials and, while representing Lebanon in 1997, earning five bronze medals at the PanArab Olympics. After fracturing my back in 1993 and competing for over 5 years with an injury, it was time to put a close to my swimming career. My aim is to use my past experiences to help and encourage my audience and to once again make a difference in their lives, and in yours. I take great pride in introducing my first full length album. This album, I produced with VoVo, represents a unique cross-road of musical influences. A sinuous amalgamation of Arabic and world beats, let this album lead you on a sonic journey around the world.

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