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1) death metal/doomcore band from Hungary. (ex-Dark Clouds) The band was founded in 1996 by guitarist / songwriter Norbert Czetvitz. From the very beginning the quintet has been inspired by bands like Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Crowbar, etc. Lyrics deal with important issues of existence such as social problems or the relation of mankind and nature. 2) doom metal band from Spain. 3) Japanese Visual Kei band. 4) Yet another Nadir is the name under which producer, activist, and singer/songwriter Jonah Nadir Omowale, performs and records. He describes his music as "distorted soul:" a combination of funk, electronica, R&B, soul, house, rock, and jazz. Check him out at 5) Nadir was also a grindcore band from Massachusetts. They released a split 7" with Florida's Light Yourself on Fire 6) Nadir was a metal band from New Zealand. The band formed in high school in 1990 and went through several line-up changes with only the founding member Rob Lambert remaining until the band split in 2000. Nadir released two albums, 'Rust' in 1995 and later 'With Fury' in 1998. They toured New Zealand extensively, creating a solid fanbase, with highlights including a main stage spot on the Warped Tour and opening for the Deftones. After moving to Melbourne, Australia in 1999 the band had mild success touring Australia before splitting up. In 2009 Rob Lambert formed new band Shift along with Kori Barnett who was also previously in Nadir. Shift released 'Faceless' in March 2010 as a 'Pay What You Want' Download from their website 7) Nadir [Guilhem Almanza (guitar), Philippe Couquet (guitar, voice)] was born in 2008 when after 10 years of experimentation the band's two members decided to perform and compose with only two electric guitars and Philippe Couquet's voice. The uncluttered and vaporous rock of "semper virens" draws its inspiration from a Southern lagoon, a Burgundy's thick fog, and the atmosphere of forests and their dark hidden verdant paths.

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