Nagual top 20 songs


Nagual biography

1. Nagual (нагУаль) is a Belorussian psychofolk band formed in 2000. The six main musician of Nagual create all the songs they perform themselves. The songs are based on world folk musical culture and relations between a person and the world. The group studies roots of music, modern genres, formation of folk culture and the relations between people. The manner of singing is both primitively-pristine and post-modernistic, it being an intricate combination of the phonemes from various groups of languages with the sounds of animate and inanimate nature and psycho-physiological processes. What's significant, they create sounds not only by means of wide range of instruments (from exclusively-archaic to classical ones) but also by their unusual combination: 2. Nagual is a metal band from Niksic, Montengro, formed in 2008. 3. Nagual is an independent rock band from Mataderos, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their style shows a fusion of rock, reggae, hard rock, alternative, and argentinian folk music. The popularity of Nagual has been increasing since their begginings in 2001 which is proved by the sold-out show at El Teatro de Flores in June 2012 and a very loyal fanbase. Currently, they are recording their fourth studio album, scheduled for 2013.

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