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Nagły Atak Spawacza is a Polish hip-hop group. Their first demo album, released in 1995 contained two tracks: "Anty" (Fazi - member of N.A.S. dissed in this track another polish rapper - Liroy, and "Narkotyki". Their first official tape - "Brat Juzef" was released in "PH Kopalnia" a Krzysztof Kozak's record company. It's the most controversial rap group from Poland, they rhyme about the political situation, problems with Catholic priests etc. In 2006 they released a new album - "Powrót Dżedaj". It was released by 50 Dych Records Three MCs worked on it: Kaczmi, Fazi and Kamień. They released a total of 16 albums.

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