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Nai Harvest are a 2-piece fuzzy indie/punk band from Sheffield, England comprised of Ben Thompson (guitars/vocals) and Lew Currie (drums/percussion). Rising through the UK D.I.Y scene Nai Harvest released various demo's and EP's and even a collection album called 'Whatever', before signing to Topshelf Records in 2014 and releasing their debut EP 'Hold Open My Head'. This EP saw the band move into a sound that set them apart from their previous material and that focused on poppy memorable hooks, fuzzy guitar work and punk driven drums. Nai Harvest shortly followed up with a split single with close friends and London duo Playlounge, which was released as a special edition flower shaped vinyl. Nai Harvest have a habit of surprising people with their ability to skip effortlessly through genres and in 2015 released their full-length album 'Hairball', which offers their take on surfy garage punk without losing their acclaimed scuzzy pop charm.

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